Siblings (June 2016)


June, as I’ve probably already mentioned, has been such a great month for us. It has given us lots of opportunities to spend time as a family and even more time for my little ones to bond (if that’s even possible!?) They were so great together on holiday and I felt like they have both come back acting that little bit older. They still absolutely adore one another and K is still utterly besotted with her baby brother. Everytime a person paid attention to D on holiday, K was still very quick to go up to that person and remind them that is was HER baby brother. I’m still waiting for the novelty of him to wear off on her but it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Not that I’m complaining at all. There is something so beautiful about watching your kids together. The way K plays with D and the way they laugh together literally makes me the happiest person alive. There’s not much else to comment on their relationship this month as it’s still as strong as ever so for now, I will leave you with pictures to sum up my babies lives together this month. My daughter, my son – My strong bonded siblings.






D – You are 9 months old (A letter to my son)


My gorgeous little man, you are 9 months old. What a productive month we’ve had! There seems to have been a dramatic change in your abilities this last month, the main change being that you are tolerating solid food! Hurrah! I thought this time would never come. A lot of my worries have lifted now. You aren’t eating loads yet but you are definitely getting there.

We’ve just come back from our holiday in Cornwall and I feel like this has made you seem more grown up. You had such a good time at the beach and have been such a little happy chappy all week.


You are sitting completely unaided now and we are trying to encourage you to crawl but every time you are on your belly you just roll back over on to your back. I’m sure like everything, you will do it when your ready.

Your two bottom teeth have finally broken through!! All the pain and sleepless nights you went through and now you have something to show for it! I do feel like these little teeth have helped you to eat better too.


You had a hearing test a couple of weeks ago (routine due to your suspected meningitis as a newborn) I was a bit disappointed as I thought you would pass it with flying colours but you didn’t. There seems to be a small blockage in your inner ears so they will recheck them in August to see if the blockage has cleared. It doesn’t appear to affect your day to day hearing though so for now, we won’t worry about it.

Last month I mentioned that you were saying “DA-DA” a lot and this month I am so pleased that you are now saying “MA-MA” too, although you still prefer to say “DA-DA” 😉

You are enjoying lots of things this month. Playing with stacking rings and wooden blocks are a favourite but you have recently learnt to play peek-a-boo which never gets boring for you either. You are such a joy to be around. You light up a room the minute you are in it and you make everyone’s day! We love you, you beautiful little soul.

Until next month…





K – You are 3 years old


My darling baby girl. You are not a baby anymore, you’re not even a toddler. You are 3 years old today and that officially makes you a fully fledged little girl.  I have mixed feelings about this. In one respect I am heartbroken that you have grown up so quick from the newborn baby I gave birth to 3 years ago and in many ways I am so fiercely proud of the amazing little girl that you have become.  You truly are a blessing. I started this blog only 6 months ago so I write about your brothers milestones on a monthly basis as his development is more obvious with being a baby than yours does now but don’t you ever feel like I haven’t documented your milestones sweetheart. Before I had this blog I used good old pen and paper to write you letters to tell you what you were like at that age. I will show you them when you are older.

The last year has seen you go from a toddler to a confident, chatty (and boy, do you talk!!!) kind little girl. Everyday you amaze me with the stuff you do. You are wise beyond your years! When you hit 2 years old you were a lovely little toddler and I braced myself for that to change as the “terrible twos” hit, but I waited and waited and thankfully they never came. You skipped the tantrum stage and thankfully never threw yourself on the floor in the supermarket (phew!). As the months have grown on and you become closer to 3 years old you have developed a small amount of “threenager” in you. It’s only minor and most days our time goes by without a hitch. There is the odd day though when you do definitely get up on the wrong side of the bed and it’s like living with Kevin when you are all huffy and stampy footed. It doesn’t happen that often though and I do find it rather amusing (although you will never know that!)


It never fails to amaze me on how well you just get on with life and never moan. You take every experience in your stride. When your brother was poorly as a newborn and we had to leave you with your grandparents for a few days at a time you never moaned. You could have done, and you would have been well within your rights too but you were so grown up about it and knew why we had to be away from you. You never made our life difficult and didn’t make me feel anymore guilty than I already did. For that, I will always be thankful to you for and I am so so proud of you for it. You were an absolute superstar.

9 months ago you were told that you would have to wear glasses permanently throughout your childhood and Daddy and I worried that you weren’t going to wear them but again you shocked us with your maturity and wore them without so much as a fuss. Nothing fazes you my darling you just take what life throws at you and you just get on with it. It’s something I could do with learning from you!



Your life was turned upside down when your brother came into the world and it wasn’t just you, me and Daddy anymore. You adapted to life as a foursome really quickly and adore your little brother so much. You are such a fantastic big sister and you really do look after him and protect him.

You thrive on a routine which is something that you have done since a baby and it really works for you. Although you do have some little quirks! Everything has to be in order for you and just as you left them. You struggle to sleep at night if everything you own is not in it’s right place and everything has to be lined up neat and tidy! You have a tatty old comforter called “Rabbit” which you sleep with every night. It really is a rotten old thing that stinks but you’ve had it since you were 3 months old and you can not bare to get rid of it.  You still have a nap in the afternoon (usually around 2hrs) but I am considering stopping them as you are struggling to settle at bedtime.

You have different interests almost every week it’s quite hard to keep up with but at the moment you are really enjoy being outside at the park and on your scooter and scuttle bug. Daddy and I bought you a bike for your birthday so hopefully you will love this and we can make some great memories on it. Your favourite band is Little Mix and you enjoy singing along to their songs in the car. You also like to watch TV and your favourite programmes are Paw Patrol, Blaze and the monster machines and Peppa Pig.

You love to dance so we enrolled you in a dance class at our local dance school. You started off doing “Little bear feet” which was a general dance class but you quickly decided that you wanted to do Ballet so you now do Ballet lessons on a Saturday morning and you love it!


You attend nursery (or school as you call it) once a week which you really enjoy. You love socialising and making friends so in September you will be going for a few hours every day to help you adapt when it’s time for you to start school.

You are so intelligent daring, it’s actually quite scary. You are a quick learner and I get so many comments from people telling me how intelligent you are! You are my bright little girl and I expect you will go far in your life.

I can’t believe how fast these last 3 years have gone! I know that time won’t slow down either. I hope you enjoy the life you have darling as Mummy and Daddy work hard to make sure that you experience as much as possible and have as much fun as you can along the way. It’s been a great year, lets hope the next year is just as good. Keep safe my darling girl, we love you so much.

Happy Birthday!



Last minute fathers day gifts

As your probably aware Father’s Day falls on Sunday 19th June this year which, yes, is this Sunday! Don’t worry if you haven’t managed to get him anything yet as I’ve outlined some great last minute gifts below!


cufflinks - £19.99 cufflink storeCufflinks are a great idea for a present if the Dad in your life wears them to work everyday. The internet do some great personalised cufflinks where you can get your children’s names and D.O.B engraved on them like these above which are from The cufflink store and cost £19.99.

Beauty Products

Liz earle men £15.50

Men love to have a bit of a pamper too (despite what they tell you!) and this cleanse and polish set from Liz Earle (£15.50) is perfect for that bit of man time!


mug £19.95Mugs are a great gift and can be picked up from anywhere. Some places even let you personalise them with a picture or a name which would be fantastic for Fathers Day. I particularly like this mug above from Emma Bridgewater (£19.99)



If the dad in your life likes to wear Jewellery then this personalised message bracelet is the perfect keepsake. Having a bracelet with the words “Best Daddy Love from XXX” would mean the world to him I’m sure! (£49 Not on the highstreet)


sweets - £9.99 getting

If the dad in your life has a sweet tooth then their favourite sweets or chocolate would go down a treat! I found this jar of Bonbons over on Getting Personal for £9.99 and it’s brilliant for a first time daddy!

I hope this has given you some great ideas for Father’s Day. Let me know what you decide to get the dad in your life!



Bookblock Notepad up for review

BookBlock Original10

If there’s one thing in the world that I love, it’s stationary. Seriously. It’s the one small thing in life that I get really excited about. At school I was always the one with the new pencil case and the highlighters, pens, sticky notes etc and as I’ve got older that love has never altered. Having a busy life and working on my blog means that I’m forever making to do lists and scribbles in order to keep my life as organised as possible so having a nice notepad (and I have a few, let me tell you!) is my perfect go to accessory. So when the lovely people at BookBlock got in touch asking if I wanted to review one of their notebooks that I would be able to personalise I absolutely jumped at it!

BookBlock Original11

BookBlock original offers the opportunity for designers, photographers or anyone who is creative and likes to make their mark design their own unique notebook so they can keep all their scribbles, to-do lists and ideas all in one place in a beautifully backed book.  Crafted in partnership with one of the UK’s oldest bookbinders, each notebook is created using traditional bookbinding and printing techniques. They even give you the opportunity to customise what paper, elastics and ribbon you have within your notebook so it’s all completely your work.

I downloaded a picture of my children and asked them to put it on the front of my notebook along with my blog domain “Family life and me” as I would use this notebook for my blog work. When I received my book I was absolutely thrilled to bits with it. The quality of the print was brilliant compared to some other personalised notebooks I’ve had in the past and it was a hard back so felt really sturdy. They are perfect for list writers like me and also make fantastic gifts! With Fathers day just around the corner this would make an amazing present!


The paper inside the notebook

The paper inside the notebook


You can find the whole range of Bookblock Original items HERE- BLOCKBOOK ORIGINAL and with prices starting from as little as £12 (plus p&p) you would be foolish not to order yours!

I can now get back to writing my to-do lists in a notebook that no one else has!