Me and Mine (August 2016)

This months photo isn’t the best. August has been so busy we haven’t had much time to take photos of us all together. We spent the day at White post farm on Bank Holiday Monday so I took along my camera but couldn’t take my tripod so I had to ask a willing stranger to take our photo. This was the end result! Ha! Hopefully we will win more next month!


Mummy is loving



Reading new books

Daddy is loving

The football season restarting


Game of thrones (season 1)

K is loving

Her caterpillar’s/butterfly garden

Days out in the sunshine

Learning to write

D is loving

Waving and clapping

Mobile phones (!)

Dance and wiggle dog

Being on the swings

The Me and Mine Project

Siblings (August 2016)

I am super late with this post. It seems to be the story of my life lately. Last week I wrote about how I’d lost my blogging mojo so I didn’t do the siblings post for July and I was so annoyed with myself!! So, even though this isn’t on time, it’s still here and it’s still in August so it still counts!


Wow! This month we definitely know we have two children! They are thick as thieves. D is obviously leaning to do more so, encouraged by K he is as mischievous as ever so with them both together daily activities such as meal times and bath times become quite a hectic time.  If D isn’t throwing food across the room or on the floor (encouraged by his sister who is laughing and egging him on) it’s the pair of them having a “splash off” in the bath. Their relationship is still so strong and they are very very cute together. K is enjoying the fact that D can participate in more things now he is getting older so feels like she has more of a playmate than a baby brother. We still have to warn her not to be so rough with him though. K has been learning to share a lot more with him this month whether that be sharing her food and drink or sharing her toys. She is great with it though and loves to let her brother have whatever he wants.

The photos of my two have been taken over the last month and have mostly been taken whilst they have been playing together outside. The weather has been so lovely lately that I’ve got some pretty cute pictures of them together.




D – You are 11 months old (A letter to my son)


My beautiful happy little boy,

I feel like I start every letter with the sentence ” I can not believe you are this old” but this month it really is true and I can not believe you are 11 months old. Your 1st year is nearly up and in many ways it has gone by in a flash and in other ways it feels like you have always been here with us.

You are such a beautiful little soul. You have come a long way in the last 2 months since I documented your 9 month update. You are desperately trying to crawl which is the main difference. You find it so frustrating that you can’t get your arms and legs to synchronise at the same time and it’s also frustrating to watch you as you are so close to doing it. I’m pretty confident you will grasp the concept in the next month or so and we can all get ready when it happens as there will be no stopping you.

You are still the happy,cheeky chappy that we know and love but this last month we have seen you have some enormous tantrums which I didn’t think were even possible at your age. If you become frustrated or something is taken away from you (mainly by your sister) or you’re not entirely happy with a situation, you scream and cry and kick till the situation changes! My goodness, it is a show! Sometimes it is difficult to settle you down afterwards. I don’t remember your sister doing this (unless I blocked it all out) so I can’t work out whether it’s a little boy thing, your age or just your personality. You cheeky little monkey! I’m sure there are more fun and games in the upcoming months, so we had better brace ourselves.


Food for you isn’t an issue anymore. Your moto seems to be “the more food the better” you are a really good eater now and I can’t believe I ever had a worry that I wouldn’t be able to wean you. You did it in your own time just like everything else you’ve achieved.

Clapping and blowing kisses are your new motor skills for this month and you can also wave hello and goodbye.  It is so nice to interact with you on a different level now and you are showing more understanding each day of things we are saying to you.

You still only have 2 bottom teeth. You are dribbling and chewing ever such a lot these last few weeks so I do believe your top two teeth will be here with you very soon.

Sleeping is getting better, you sometimes have a morning nap depending on what time you woke up at that morning and you always have 2-3hrs in an afternoon. Bedtime is still 7:30pm and you sleep until around 5:30-6am with one wake during the night for a bottle of milk.

Your favourite person is still your sister and you both have a great time together. She is the one that instantly gets the laughs and kisses from you. I do believe as much as Daddy and I try to teach you new skills, it is your sister that is learning you the most. She is amazing at interacting with you and meeting your needs. You adore her.

You continue to have regular check ups with the liver specialists. You had one this week and continue to have them every 3-4 months until you are 2 years old. They are so pleased with your progress. We are reminded all the time on how critically ill you were and we genuinely thank our lucky stars daily that you are here with us today. My little miracle boy.

We all love you so much.

Here’s to another amazing month ahead.




Is it acceptable for parents to kiss their children on the lips?

A few weeks ago Victoria Beckham came under fire when she posted a seemingly innocent birthday photo of herself and her 5 year old daughter kissing on the lips. I personally thought the photo was lovely and endearing and I was absolutely horrified to read that there was so much criticism for it! I read comments that under no circumstances should you kiss your children on the lips as it isn’t appropriate and there were some utter bell ends that went as far as to say it was perverted and too sexual!? Seriously, what the hell!? I bring this story up because even though it was nearly 3 weeks ago I am still reading comments across the internet about it today! I can’t believe an innocent picture has caused so much controversy!

What was it that caused the world to go in to melt down? It was a kiss. On a child’s lips!! Not just any child – her own child. That she carried inside her for 9 months. I find it very strange that people felt the need to comment so negatively! A simple kiss on the lips shows love and affection and shows the child that they are cared for. In my family we kiss on the lips all the time. It’s common practice where I am from and completely normal.

Children need to be cherished and loved. They grow up so fast and one day they won’t want to be kissed so you need to get them in whilst you can before you become the embarrassing parent! I have no qualms in telling the world that I kiss my children on the lips daily. Heck, I kiss them on their lips, their nose, their arms, their legs and even their bum! I kiss them wherever I can and whenever I can. Does this make me strange and perverted? I think not.

To the kiss haters of the world, try turning your hate energy in to something more productive.




The one where I haven’t written in a while


I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately. I’ve been in and around social media daily, especially Instagram which is my favourite of all apps but on the writing front, I’ve not done any. None. Nada. For nearly four weeks! In the blogging world that’s at least 2 centuries, right!?

My reasons? Well I could very easily blame busy daily life. July was super busy for us with lots of social things going on and D had his baptism which took up a lot of my time planning. But in all honesty I’m not sure it was just being busy that made me stop writing.  If we are being completely truthful I think I was just bored of the blogging dog eat dog world. I was fed up of writing, promoting and trying endlessly to get my content out there for me to get 2-3 views per day. I was also getting fed up of receiving followers for my Instagram and Twitter only to be unfollowed again the next day. It was like I was taking part in a social media game that I’d not asked to be a player in. It was exhausting. It was infuriating. I became very despondent with the whole thing and a sense of the CBA’s (Can’t be arsed) came into motion. It’s only when my husband pointed out to me the other day that I’d been quiet on my blog that I’d even thought about it.

And then that’s when it hit me! I realised that the reason I started this blog wasn’t to become some internet blogging sensation or an author (although it would be lovely! ha!), I didn’t do it for views or ratings. I did it because I am all too aware that my life and my loves zoom past in an instant and I wanted to document and remember my life for the future. Don’t get me wrong, I would love other people to read and enjoy what I write! I would love it if I inspired or helped just one person and I will continue to promote my blog as much as possible but ultimately I need to write this blog for me. I need to write for my husband and more importantly I need to write for my children.

Because I was so anti-blogging within the month of July, I never purposefully took any pictures of my little ones or my family together, nor did I do a 10 month update for D and this makes me so sad! I feel angry with myself that I let myself get so caught up in the blogging game. Never again. I will draw a line under July and continue to write as I always have and cherish my tiny little space amongst this big wide web!