Our family Christmas 2016

Christmas day feels like a life time ago now that we are in January but I am only just catching up with blog posts since December so better to blog about it late than not at all.

Christmas for us has been at home since K was born. Before we had children James and I used to spend Christmas morning alone together then go to his parents for lunch one year then alternate it the next year to my parents. Since the kiddies came along we now don’t go out at all and since we moved in to a bigger house with more room we now host Christmas day which means both sets of parents and my brother come to us. To say it’s busy is an understatement but it’s so lovely and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Christmas morning started at 7am when the kiddies woke up and we went downstairs to see if “he’d been”. K was super excited as she’s at the age where she’s fallen for the whole Christmas magic so it was wonderful to become wrapped up in her enthusiasm and poor D still didn’t have a clue what was going on!

We spent the next hour opening all the presents that Santa had brought. We were all super spoilt this year, like every year and I couldn’t see our living room floor for toys! I spent the following week buying storage solutions and trying to tidy all the new toys away!

Christmas dinner was lovely (even if I do say so myself) eating food, pulling crackers and telling jokes and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with games (mainly Twister) and toys. Both K and D relish having parents, grandparents and uncles all under one roof and I’m hoping it’s something that happens year in, year out so they have the greatest memories of us all together.

I did a small buffet in the evening for anyone who was hungry and we spent the evening relaxing and drinking lots of alcohol. K went to bed at around 9:30pm but D couldn’t stay up past 8pm bless him! Everyone stayed over at our house so they didn’t have to worry about getting home. It meant that we all woke up together on boxing day morning which again, was really lovely.

I didn’t take that many photos of Christmas day as I was too wrapped up in the moment, which is never a bad thing, but before the kiddies went to bed I did manage to quickly whip the tripod out to take a photo of us all together. It truly was a lovely day filled with fun, laughter, family and memories which is exactly what Christmas day should be.

I can’t believe we are in 2017 now! I have so many hopes for this year and hope it will be really special. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas like I did and I hope 2017 brings you health and happiness!




Me and Mine (September 2016)


September has been an emotional month and a month of change for us all in our family. K started at preschool on the 5th, our little man turned one years old on the 18th and I’ve just returned to work this week following maternity leave. We’ve also been away for a week so it’s been pretty full on. It’s a month where we’ve all grown a little bit whether it’s physically or mentally and we’ve all had to learn new routines. This months photos were taken on D’s actual birthday. We had gone to the local park in the morning to try out his new trike. The weather was beautiful and probably one of our last sunny days before autumn really sets in. We had such a nice morning playing around in the trees and the grass. K has started to share my love of photography and wanted to take some photos of myself and D which to be honest, she did a great job at and I keep meaning to dig our old digital camera out for her to have a practice on.


Although September has now come to an end and it’s probably the last we will see of any sunny days, I feel excited about autumn coming. The cosy nights and scented candles, the autumn clothing and cold weekend walks are my favourites things about the winter weather and I can’t wait to embrace it!

This month I am loving



Having new routines

D turning one

Daddy is loving

The new car

Hunted (Channel 4)

D turning one

K is loving

Starting preschool

Making new friends

D is loving

Being 1 years old

Crawling and cruising furniture

His trike



The Me and Mine Project

Starting Pre-school


K has been attending nursery one morning a week since the start of February this year. It was a chance for her to make some new friends and have a new experience away from me and it was a chance for me to spend some time alone with my youngest. She loved going and the nursery and staff that are there are great.

On the 5th September this year K started back at the nursery that she had been going to but now she’s downstairs in the pre-school area. We made the decision to send her 5 days a week but only 9-12pm so it got her into a routine for when she started reception next September and it also gave her some stability in terms of seeing the same people and doing the same routines everyday as she is a person that thrives on that kind of environment.

Daddy came with us to drop her off for her first proper morning. Dropping her off wasn’t hard as I knew she knew the building and the staff but I felt very emotional. The little person that I’d had at the side of me most days for the last 3 years wouldn’t be there in the mornings anymore. It felt oddly quiet when I got back in the house. I also worried that she would feel lost and abandoned since she didn’t know any of the other children. I need not have worried because she was buzzing when I picked her up that lunchtime. She had made some nice friends, had a great time and couldn’t wait to go back the next day.

Wearing a uniform to pre-school is optional at the place that K goes as it is a private nursery and most of the children are sent wearing their own clothes but it was K’s choice to wear a uniform. I think she looks really smart and it makes it so much easier to be organised in the morning as I know exactly what she’s wearing.

I have D with me full time everyday (except when I’m working) so I’m not alone but it does feel strange without K around in the morning. We try to do something together in the afternoon whether it’s going to the park or staying at home and playing and I will try to make the most of this for the next year as I know when it comes to September 2017 I will lose that time completely.

For now, I hope K continues to enjoy pre-school as much as possible.



D – You are 1 year old (A letter to my son)


To my beautiful baby boy – a boy that will always be my baby, no matter what age you become.

You are now 1 years old. What a wonderful, amazing, challenging, stressful, emotional quick year it has been.

I know I say every month passes in a blink of an eye, I know your fed up of hearing me say “I can’t believe your this age already” – But I really can’t! Your sisters first year went by ever so quickly but this year seems to have gone by at lightening speed.

You became so dreadfully poorly when you were 10 days old and it was the most horrendous thing we’ve ever gone through and I never believed for a second that I’d ever get over it. And although the memories of it are still there, I feel like we have got over it and it is just a distant memory because you have just filled our lives with 10 months of pure happiness.

It’s so hard as a parent to find the balance of not wanting to wish your life away and hoping that you will stay a baby forever to being excited about the future and the milestones that you will reach.


You have hit a big milestone this month which seems to have been a long time coming – You are now crawling! All the built up frustration that you were feeling about not being able to get anywhere has now subsided and you can move. My goodness don’t we know about it. You definitely keep us on our toes now! You are becoming faster and faster every day and you are starting to bump into things and now bruises are starting to appear! The newest one being on your cheek where you bumped a TV stand on holiday! Over the last 24hrs your confidence and skills have grown again and you are now using furniture to pull up on. It won’t be long before you are cruising around the room using the furniture as a guide.

I go back to work next week and it is bitter sweet. I have felt so blessed and lucky to have been able to spend a full year with you, watching you grow, being there when you reach your milestones and making memories with you but I will be glad to do something for me again. I only work two days a week so the days that I’m at work you and your sister will go to your grandparents for the day. They will take good care of you whilst me and Daddy are working.

You now have 4 teeth. Two at the top and two at the bottom. I can only assume that you are cutting another one this week as your usual happy smiley self has been replaced with a grouchy, irritable, restless little monster. Lot’s of cuddles, kisses and Calpol usually does the trick. Lets hope the pain doesn’t go on for too long.

Your birthday was such a lovely day. It was Sunday. We had a small family party for you on the Saturday teatime. Nothing fancy just a little celebration surrounded by the people that love you. We woke up on the Sunday morning and opened all your presents with you. You were very very spoilt! We then spent the morning at Graves Park as the weather was glorious and you got to test out your new SmartTrike that Mummy and Daddy bought you. You really love it! We then spent the afternoon at your cousins house as it’s his birthday the same day as yours and he had a 3rd birthday party there. It was such a great day and you were very happy.



I’m so glad I am able to write you these letters every month to let you know what we get up to and how you are progressing. I hope your able to look back on them one day and feel that you were loved very much. Both you and your sister!

For now darling, keep smiling!






Siblings (September 2016)


September. A month of back to school and new beginnings. A month of new chapters and even crazier schedules. September is the parenting equivalent of January 1st!

My little ones seem to have grown up this last month. K has now started pre-school and attends there Mon-Fri 9-12pm and D is just growing at a rapid rate and is learning new skills every day. I imagined September was going to be the start of a slower pace in life for our household especially since I didn’t need to entertain K for as long during the day but actually, with the nursery drop off/pick up, preparing for my return to work following mat-leave (more on that to follow) and D learning to crawl and having to be next to him constantly I appear to have less time than before. No, I don’t get it either! Parenting is such a hard and demanding job which is exhausting and stressful but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Now that D has learnt to crawl, the dynamic of his and K’s relationship has changed dramatically. D is no longer the baby to kiss and cuddle and to protect but an actual interactive playmate and K is absolutely loving it! There’s nothing finer as a parent than to watch your children play and giggle together. Although I am coming to realise that it’s not all sweetness and light – there have been a few hairy moments over the last week or so where boundaries have been pushed between them and they’ve ended up scraping and falling out a bit but they are quick to make up. I think with K it’s learning that fine line between her having to still be gentle and remind her that he’s still a baby but also encouraging her to play with him and explaining to her that D’s actions (however “mean” they may feel to her) don’t mean much to him at the minute (and not to take the hair pulling personally!). It won’t be long before D starts to walk and the dynamic of their relationship will change yet again. Having a 3 year old and a 1 year old is a blessing but it sure isn’t easy!




The Me and Mine Project