The importance of baby wearing


Over the last few years carrying your baby in a sling, or “baby wearing” as it’s called, has become more and more popular and is almost deemed fashionable in the parenting world. Although it appears that it is a modern idea, it is a practice that is as old as time! There has been a surge of beautifully coloured slings and wraps made available for every carrying situation and there is now more and more sling libraries and baby wearing support groups around to help you with your sling needs.

I never carried K in a sling when she was a baby and it is something I now genuinely regret. I made the decision to “baby wear” with D before he was even born as I felt it would be more practical whilst out and about with K as it gave me both hands free. Never in a million years did I expect to love it as much as I do and I really couldn’t recommend it enough. D is such a cuddly baby so really enjoys being snuggled up close. I found having him a sling really helped us both when he was discharged from hospital as a newborn when he was really ill as it gave us both comfort and we made up for lost bonding time. I really am a firm believer of “kangaroo care” and I do honestly believe that it helped D overcome his bad start. It’s also really lovely when your out and about to have your child in close contact where you can kiss and cuddle them freely. The sling is the only place now where D will fall asleep whilst out, so it’s proof that he feels comfy and secure.


If your still trying to make your mind up about wanting to baby wear then take a look at the benefits below on what baby wearing can do.

  • Helps you to bond and connect with your baby
  • Enables them to feel close to you, loved and secure especially in the early months when babies are vunerable
  • It’s convenient – It’s hands free and there’s no luging bulky pushchairs around
  • You can get some really pretty slings and wraps. Perfect for every style conscious mama
  • Helps control crying – babies who are carried tend to cry less. Gentle motion is calming for a baby that may be upset

When D was a newborn I opted for a Hana stretchy wrap as I felt they were really cozy for a newborn to snuggle in to. Now D is older we have the Connecta sling and I absolutely love it. It’s easy to put on, it’s really comfy for both me and D and it has a fab print on it.

If your unsure of what sling is right for you then you can source out your nearest sling library and ask them for advice. Most libraries let you rent the slings before you purchase them to ensure you are choosing the right one for you.


Are you a baby wearer or do you prefer a pram?

If you are a baby wearer, what is your favourite sling? I’d love to hear from you!


*Disclaimer – I am not in partnership with the Hana or Connecta brand.








Siblings (May 2016)


It’s been a wonderful month here for my two this month. It feels like the age gap is becoming significantly smaller as D gets older and is able to learn more skills and show more of an interest in things. K is enjoying the fact that D can play more now he can sit unaided. Although now that he is interested more in toys, K is starting to struggle with the whole sharing aspect. Something that every almost 3 year old goes through.  She is leaning every day and even makes a point of telling us that she is sharing really nicely (!) so she is progressing. The bond between these two hasn’t altered, it is still as fierce as ever. I long to be included in their secret when they are sat giggling with one another. Sometimes all it takes is for them to look at one another and they break into laughter! I am immensely proud of the way they are together and the way K is so protective and loving towards her brother.


This month has been really easy for me to take pictures of them. D is always willing to smile for the camera but getting K to do so it slightly tricky but over the last few weeks she’s been asking me to take photos of her and her brother – something I am always willing to do!! The pictures I have captured this month are in various parts of our house basically because I find they are more willing to sit for a photo right after they have woken up from their naps – you get what you can get! ha!


I do sometimes feel sorry for D as his sister has days where she genuinely doesn’t leave him alone. She is constantly in his face trying to make him laugh, kissing him, cuddling him, wiping his face etc. It is so endearing and she really means well and is trying her hardest to look after him and although 99% of the time D doesn’t mind there is the odd time when he does! Trying to teach K boundaries is something we have been practicing this month as parents. On the whole though they are amazing with one another and I genuinely couldn’t be prouder of my little siblings!




D – You are 8 months old (A letter to my son)


My darling boy, you are 8 months old.

I’ve previously wrote about how fast the other months of your little life have flown and again, although this month is no different, I am absolutely loving the stage you are at at the minute. I want you to stay 8 months old forever! You fill me with joy every single day. We are having so much fun lately, you are the happiest, giggliest, cheekiest little boy I have ever known. I am so so proud of you lately as you seem to have cracked your feeding issue. You are confidently eating 3 pureed meals a day plus around 4-5 8 0unce bottles. Although you are still not tolerating solid food I am sure it wont be much longer. The speech and language therapist came to review you a couple of weeks ago and seemed satisfied that you will get there eventually.  You are really enjoying your food now you know how to take it and meal times as a family are my favourite part of the day. I got you weighed last week and you are currently 18 pounds 9 ounces! Your a big lad!

Now you are eating more you don’t require that night feed anymore which is a relief to me although you are still getting up during the night but you seem to be easily settled. Mornings are early in our house at the minute and you vary from getting up anytime from 4:30am – 7am. Mummy prefers the 7am rather than the 4:30am let me tell you! You still have two naps during the day – a 30 minute nap in the morning around 10am and a longer nap in the afternoon at around 1-2pm for 2-3hrs. Bedtime still remains at 7-7:30pm.

You are developing every day before our eyes and can now easily roll over on to your front (although getting back onto your back is proving to be a frustrating issue for you) and you are sitting for really long periods unaided. Mummy still places a cushion behind you incase you fall but that’s just me being over protective. Sounds are coming from you thick and fast now and the other day you started to say “da-da” which has made Daddy really chuffed. Hopefully it won’t be much longer before you can say “ma-ma” too 🙂

You are really enjoying spending time in your Jumperoo recently and it is helping to strengthen your legs. You are also enjoying listening to music on the radio.

Your sister continues to be your biggest fan and thinks it’s great now that you can play with toys together more. You are the first person she asks for in the morning and loves to help me look after you through the day. She understands your cry’s and your whimpers and works out what it is that’s wrong with you almost as well as I can. She is an amazing big sister to you and I know you love each other dearly.


You have been teething for quite some months now but there are no signs of your teeth coming through as yet. Not once have you been grumpy with your teething pain despite it being obvious that they are bothering you. You just seem to take everything in your stride. You brave boy!

We love you to the moon and back you beautiful little soul.

Here’s to another great month!




Coping with two children under the age of 3

Coping with two under 3

I always knew I wanted to be a mum, it was always in my “life plan”. I also knew that I wanted them to be close in age so that they could grow up together and maybe be best friends. I’ve mentioned before that I’ll never quite know if my family is complete and the prospect of a 3rd child will always be somewhat of a question mark but for now I’m happy with the two I’ve got. There’s 2 years and 3 months between the two of them and it’s quite tricky sometimes having two children under the age of 3. I know there are plenty of people out there who have smaller age gaps between their children and I have the upmost respect for them. It’s not easy no matter what the age gap but I’ve wrote down a few of my tips that help me cope looking after two small children.

Get out of the house – It genuinely doesn’t matter where you go, or what you really do so long as you spend a portion of your day (everyday) out of the house. Go to the park, baby groups, supermarket anything. My worst days with two children are the days where I’ve been couped up in the house.

Allow more time – This goes hand in hand with the above advice. It takes me twice as long (if not more) to get 3 of us ready and out than it ever did when I had just one child. Allow plenty of time so you don’t end up barking orders at your children.

Spend quality time with each of them – When D takes a nap in a morning I always make sure I stop whatever I’m doing and get on the floor and play with my daughter. It gives us quality time where she has my undivided attention without the distraction of a baby. Likewise, K still goes to her grandparents on Mondays and Fridays as these are the days I used to work so it gives me one to one time with D.

Keep on track with the housework Something I’m still trying to master! My house will never be a show home of any sort and will always be that little bit cluttered but it’s a typical loving family home. It’s hard work making sure that the children and hubby are taken care of and the house is running smoothly and as I’ve already stated, I’ve probably dropped the ball a few times when it comes to the housework but trying to keep on top of the endless washing piles and dirty dishes makes your home life run that little bit more smoothly meaning that ultimately you get more free time to spend with your children. 30 minutes per day should ensure that everything is ship shape.

Have “me” time – This is so important yet most of us don’t do it. I know I don’t do it half as much as I should for fear of feeling self indulgent but something as simple as a hot soak in the bath once the kids have gone to bed will help you relax and regroup. A happy mummy makes for a happy home!


What’s in my change bag

I thought I would do a post today to show you what I carry in my change bag with a baby and toddler in tow. I love reading other people’s blog/vlog posts like this as I’m so very nosy plus it gives me reminders and inspiration on what to put in to mine. So here we go…


My change bag that I am using at the minute is the Pink Lining “Yummy Mummy” bag in cream bows on peppermint. I think it’s fantastic. It has really cute detailing on it and is deceptively spacious. I can fit all my stuff in as well as baby and toddler stuff. The bag itself has one main zip compartment and has several pockets inside it where you can organise your nappies, drinks and snacks etc and it comes with a handy change mat and wet bag. The bag is priced at £79.00 and you can purchase this exact bag or similar others here


In my bag I have:

Change mat and wet bag – As mentioned, these came with the bag and I use them daily. The wet bag is great to put wet or dirty clothes in that the children have had and it keeps them separate from everything else in my bag.

Pampers wipes – I go through wipes like there’s no tomorrow and I don’t just use them on bums. I use them to clean spillages up or mucky faces and I even wipe down public highchairs with them! I have pampers at the minute but I am not loyal to that brand I genuinely buy whatever is on offer. I do try to stick to sensitive wipes though as my two have really sensitive skin.

Nappies and Hand sanitizer – I used Pampers nappies up until D was around 6 months old and then I found I was having too many leaks with them so I switched to Asda’s little angel range. They are brilliant! I haven’t had a daytime leak yet. I sometimes carry nappy cream with me but D is pretty good with his skin at the minute. I also make sure I carry some Milton hand sanitiser with me so I can clean my hands when I’ve changed bums etc.

Sterile bottle and ready made formula – Makes feeding on the go a doddle.

Tommee Tippee Bottle warmer – This is really good to have in a bag if your bottle feeding as it means you can warm your milk up anywhere. The only downside is that it’s really bulky and takes up quite a bit of space in your bag.

Jar or pouch of puree food and spoon – D is currently weaning so I usually have some sort of pureed food in my bag for lunch times

Juice bottle – For K’s juice during the day

Snacks – Lots of snacks go into my bag. Ever need to entertain a bored toddler or diffuse a tantrum situation? – Give them a snack. It works like a charm!


Tissues – I can’t abide snotty noses and my two seem to have a constant stream of it! No thank you.

Germolene – Perfect to put on cuts and grazes when you are out and about.

Sun Hats – Now that the better weather is here I have put them both a sun hat in my bag. I also have the new Garnier for Kids spray on sunblock but that isn’t pictured here.

Spare clothing – Vest and a sleepsuit for D if he has had a leaky nappy or generally needs a freshen up and pants, trousers and socks for K as she is potty trained but sometimes has an accident. It’s very rare this happens but I like to be prepared.

Teething equipment – I always keep Sophie and Anbesol in my bag for the teething issues we have during the day. They work wonders and I wouldn’t be without them. Sophie also doubles up as a distraction toy! Good old Sophie!

Purse, Phone, Lippy – Last but not least, I shove my things in the change bag too so I don’t have to carry a bag myself. I am quite low maintence with what I need (luckily) so these just get put wherever there is room!

So that’s it for my general day-to-day bag! Like I say, I carry quite a bit and it all fits in the Yummy Mummy bag so I’m thrilled with it.

I’d love to know what change bag you have and if there’s any must have item that you carry that I haven’t mentioned here!

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