Me and mine (April 2016)


These months photos are coming straight from Graves Park this morning, one of K’s favourite destinations in the world it appears. We must go here AT LEAST once a week. This morning I realised that although we had done quite a bit as a family this month and had a few days out I’d not taken any photos of the four of us together (naughty naughty!) So off we went with my camera and my tripod and poised ourselves in front of the lambs to take a photo. I do feel really disappointed when I don’t get many photos of us all together. It’s annoying because I genuinely have my camera on me at all times, whether that be on my phone or my big camera and I’m always taking pictures of my family (I’m seriously snap happy) but because I’m behind the camera lense I’m never in them therefore we rarely get pictures all together. This is what I love so much about the me and mine project, it forces you to take the photos you would have otherwise missed.  So as per usual, next month I promise to take more photos as a family throughout the month! (I fear that is a goal I will be making each and every month)


The weather has been a funny one this month. Annoying as that is. Firstly we have the sun so hot that we all get sunburn then it quickly turns into rain and then snow. The joys of living in the UK I guess! It does make it really difficult though to make family plans as you never know what it’s going to be like. Like I mentioned, we have had a few weekends where we’ve done a fair bit together including a trip to a wildlife park earlier this month and a trip to the bowling alley. Plus the usual park/picnic and swimming trips. D is becoming more aware of his surroundings now which is lovely so I feel like he is really taking in what we are doing and enjoying it to a certain extent (as much as a 7 month old can do, anyway). I do love March, April and May as they are the months with the most bank holidays what with Easter and May day so it means extra family time and the hubby not being at work as much.


May is particularly quite in our household but the hubby’s birthday ensures that we will have a few family days. Let’s just hope the weather picks up for the next upcoming month!

This month we are loving

Daddy being off work more for the bank holidays

Picnics (when the weather holds out)

Visiting the animals at the park and at the zoo

Waking up to sunshine

Lighter nights

K using her scuttle bug or scooter

That’s it from us this month. If you want to see more of what we get up to as a family then head over to Instagram where you can find my daily pictures and musings.


The Me and Mine Project

Wildlife Parks, mediocre books and great dramas #littleloves

I haven’t done a #littleloves post for such a long time because I found myself too busy and although this week is no different in terms of busy-ness I decided that I needed to take some time out to write a blog post. Being the procrastinator that I am, I will ALWAYS find something else to do!

So I’m just going to jump right in and start…


If you’ve seen my Instagram lately you will know that I have been trying to read Sophie Kinsella’s latest book in the Shopaholic series – Shopaholic to the rescue. I love love love the shopaholic series especially the 1st ever book as I could really relate to her but this book hasn’t really captured me at all. I feel like it has lost its reasoning and I do believe Sophie Kinsella should have quit whist she was ahead and stopped writing after the 3rd book. It’s such a shame. Having spoke to a few people on social media it appears that I’m not the only one who thinks this. I will continue to read it until it’s finished as I never leave a book unfinished but it’s not been my favourite read.



Anyone watching Marcella??? OMG, if your not, you need to be. I feel like our TV has brought us so many great British dramas over the last few months and Marcella is one of them. Anna Friel is fantastic as the lead actress. I won’t spoil it by telling you what it’s about but it is so gripping. It’s still on catch up so go ahead and watch it. I do believe you won’t regret it!


This week I’ve heard about the sad passings of Victoria Wood and Prince. Both icons in their own genres. 2016 has seen so many people in the public eye pass away it’s really really sad especially as most of them are due to the big C. I just pray that there is no more. Surely that’s enough for one year!


I haven’t made anything this week. Except, maybe a sausage casserole for tea last night. Does that count? ha- it does now.


I recently purchased a teething necklace for D which I wear round my neck so when I’m holing him (which is 90% of the time) or he’s in the sling he can have a little chew. It’s so good. It cost £10 which I was well impressed with and it’s really colourful so looks great. It’s 100% safe so a winner all round really. I would really recommend buying one if you have a teething baby or they make really good gifts for baby showers/new mums etc.

Teething necklace

And lastly…

The hubby took annual leave from work yesterday and if you know me at all you will know that I LOVE IT when we get to have a day in the week together just the four of us. I literally clear my schedule regardless of what’s on it if I know there’s a chance we can spend some time as a family (cheesy or what!?). We decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and head to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It’s only 35 minutes away from us and it’s such a great place filled with loads of animals. They have recently built a reserve for polar bears and it’s the only polar bear reserve in the UK so that’s pretty special. K loved seeing all the animals and loved being outdoors so she was in her element. It was such a great day but a long one. We had two overtired little ones by the time we got home. It was so worth it though. I wanted to post the pictures that I took yesterday but for some reason they wont load up. I will leave it for another post real soon!


Little Loves post


D- You are 7 months old (A letter to my son)


My darling boy, you are 7 months old today. That’s actually quite painful for me to write. How did you become 7 months old!? It has literally gone in a blink of an eye. I’ve tried to cherish everyday with you as I am aware of how fast the baby year goes but still I’m shocked on how fast it has gone. We’ve had such a good month my little man – lots has happened! You are sitting much better by yourself. You still need Daddy or me as support but you are going longer periods sat up alone. It wont be long before you have fully mastered it and won’t need me or Daddy at all.


We are still having a few issues with weaning. You haven’t taken much food at all and would much prefer your milk! But unfortunately little one, you can not live of milk forever. You will not let me feed you pureed food at all and just clamp your mouth shut when I come near you with it and when I try you with finger foods you either just throw it on the floor or you make yourself sick. It’s not been a fun time as yet. You have been referred to a speech and language therapist to see if they can understand why you wont take any food but until they see you, I shall just keep trying. I’m sure you will get there with it in your own time just like everything else. Your personality is shining through much more this last month D. You are starting to show an interest in more objects and grabbing everything in sight. You become fustrated and grumble at things if you cannot reach it or it is taken away from you. Nothing is safe around you at the minute, especially your sisters toys. K is really enjoying your company at the minute, you are getting to a stage where she feels she can play with you a bit more and likes to play with her toys with you. Her favourite game is building tower blocks and watching you knock them down. That game is particularly entertaining for her at the minute. You continue to enjoy her company and the attention! You’re still not sleeping right through the night but your night time rountine has become much more tolerable now. You still go to bed at 7.30pm (usually a bit before) and sleep right through until 2-3am when you wake up for a feed. You then sleep right through till around 7am so I really can’t moan at that.  We read you stories before bedtime and you enjoy this alot. I think the mixture of the cuddles and the pictures on the books are faviourites with you but it is becoming a bit of a struggle to stop you from eating the book half way through! I love the mornings with you my gorgeous man, I love the smile on your face when I come to greet you and say good morning. You smell like warm sleepy baby and it’s just lovely. Sometimes when you wake up before I do I hear you singing to yourself in your cot and it really makes me smile. It’s better than any alarm clock! The weather is getting better so we are spending a little bit more time outdoors at the park. I can’t wait for the summer to come so we can spend even more time outside so you can explore your surroundings. We are starting to do a few more activities during the days now you are getting that little bit older. I have taken you to a couple of music classes which you seem to enjoy and I hope to start a sensory class real soon. Being around you is such a pleasure my little man. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings us!




Siblings (April 2016)

April is here, spring has sprung and the weather is getting warmer (just). So we have been able to spend more time outdoors and in parks. Don’t get me wrong K loves a good soft play centre when the weather is gloomy but her true love is being outdoors where she can run wild and practice her new hobby of digging for worms. Lovely. She is also loving being able to take her “outdoor” toys with us when we go out too such as her scooter, scuttle bug and her football. I always find that nice weather brings our family together. It’s a time where we can take picnics and sit in the sun it also makes us more inclined to actually do something with our day and make the most of the sunshine (because lets face it, we live in England and warm weather comes few and far between where we live).

My siblings in April


D is getting that little bit bigger now and becoming more interested in things so K feels like she can play with him a little bit more. To her, he’s not that small precious new born anymore where she has to be really careful and quiet around him (ha!, as if she ever was!) He’s sitting up more now so she shares her toys with him and they “play” really nicely. They are still absolutely infactuated with one another. I genuinely think that’s something that will never go away, or at least I hope it never will. K is such an amazing big sister. She is so supportive and tries to teach D new things every day. She loves to give D praise when he does something new or funny, it’s really sweet to watch.


One thing they are enjoying together this month is reading at bedtime. We read D a story before bed at night as part of his routine and K loves to sit on our knee as well and listen too. It’s so lovely as they giggle and glance at one another whilst we are reading it. I love their fierce sibling bond!  I feel like April has been a really great month to take photos of them both together and I can’t wait to continue it next month!



The Me and Mine Project

C-sections – We still gave birth!

Cesarean_Awareness pic

April is C-section Awareness Month and so far through this month I have seen more memes and more quotes about women defending themselves about having a c-section like it isn’t a valid entrance in to motherhood. If you google “c section memes” on the internet some of the quotes that comes up is absolutely disgusting. I won’t post it on here for fear of upsetting someone so if you want to have a look go ahead. People have actually wrote that having a c-section is a cop out or a lazy option for giving birth. Let me tell you as someone who has has two c sections that it certainly isn’t an “easy way out”. Both of my babies were delivered via emergency c section and both decisions were completely out of my hands. When I had K I didn’t get the opportunity to even go through the labour process. I was 3 days overdue and hadn’t felt my baby move for a couple of days. As a first time mum I didn’t know if this was normal or not so didn’t really think to notify anyone. When I was examined at the hospital my baby’s heartbeat was so erratic going from 220 bpm (beats per minute) to zero bpm! The professionals had no choice but to send me for a c section immediately as they feared I may have lost my baby if I was to wait to deliver naturally. When I came out of the operating theatre, although I had my beautiful baby girl I felt so disappointed that I couldn’t have the natural birth that I had planned so long to have. I didn’t even get to experience what a contraction was. People thought I was crazy for being so upset about not knowing what a contraction felt like but to me I felt like I had been cheated out of something that, as a woman, I had a right to experience. The birth of my second baby ran a similar course except that this time, at 5 days overdue, I got to experience what it was like to go in to labour. I was all set for a VBAC (vaginal birth after ceserian) but at 7cm dilated my baby’s heart beat again became erratic and not only did they send me for an emergency c-section but they had to put me to sleep. This meant that my husband couldn’t be in the delivery room to watch our son being born and I wasn’t aware that I had had him until 1 hour later! I also ended up on the high dependency unit because I had lost a lot of blood. Is that an easy way out? I don’t think so. Having a c-section is major surgery and one that is painful for weeks after and requires a lot of recovery time. Is that a cop out? again I don’t think so. Over the last two years I have come to accept my c-sections and I now understand it shouldn’t be something I am upset over. I have my two beautiful children to thank for it (and one hell of a war wound on my stomach) and who knows, without those c-sections my babies might not be sat at the side of me whilst I write this!

Some women choose to have a c-section over a natural birth and although it wouldn’t be for me, that is their choice and something that should be respected regardless of what your opinion is. Having a c-section is STILL giving birth. It is STILL your passageway into motherhood and it doesn’t make you any less of a mother for having one. I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago here about breast feeding vs bottle feeding and why it’s not a reflection on how good a mother they are by their circumstances. The same applies here. Let’s celebrate that we carried a child for 9 months and brought them in to the world as safely as possible. We all rock!



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