Unmumsy mum, laughing and summer holidays #Littleloves

Hurrah! It’s Friday! I’m usually gutted when Friday comes around as it means the end of another fast week but our house has been plagued with illness this week with K having slapped cheek and D teething. Plus, I’ve been feeling pretty run down and generally fed up too (must be the weather) so I am looking forward to the weekend and some much needed family time/RnR.

We have a nice family weekend planned this week and Mothers day comes early for me this year as I am away for a hen du next week – A really sad time for me as it’s my 1st Mothers day with D, but we were unaware that it was Mothers day when we booked the trip to Centre Parcs mid last year. So now my family are spoiling me a week early and we are doing our Mothers day this Sunday instead. That said, I will be spending the 6th March on a spa day so it’s not all bad ha!

Things I am loving this week…



I’ve just started reading the Unmumsy mum book. I’ve followed her blog for a while and was really excited when I heard she was writing a book. I love it, it is hilarious and so true to life. I feel like everyone can relate to her no matter how much of a perfect parent you think you are. She keeps it real. The book keeps me sane and makes me realise in times of doubt, that actually we are all doing a great job at parenting no matter who you are.


This week I have been hearing my son laugh more and more. It is absolutely blissful. The one thing in life that truly makes me happy is the sound of my children laughing! D is getting to that stage now where he really giggles at any little thing and it’s so lovely. I aim to hear more of it in the coming weeks.

Such a giggly little man

Such a giggly little man


I’ve been watching the new episodes of the X Files. I used to love that programme when I was younger and now Mulder and Scully are back again in a new series. I’ll be honest, some of it confused me slightly (I’m obviously tired ha!) but I’m sticking with it for now. The hubby wasn’t keen at all despite him enjoying it when he was younger so he’s leaving it for me to watch on my own. I’ll let you know how I get on.


It’s been a week of comfy casuals for me this week and outfits that I daren’t photograph due to the sheer scruffiness of them. Am I the only one who refuses to wear their “nice gear” whilst just chilling out at home? I hate it. I’d much rather wear my nice clothes when I’m out and about and people can actually see them haha. I’m a bit strange like that. So leggings and t- shirts have been my thing this week.


I have been cooking some comforting stodge in the shape of spaghetti bolognaise and chilli this week. I love using my slow cooker or my crock pot as I find it easy and I can just put it on in the morning and leave it cooking. Very little effort needed on my part and I know my family are getting a good meal at the end of the day. Every one wins!




And lastly

We booked our summer holiday this week for the start of June. I am so excited and cannot wait for a full week of sunshine (hopefully) fun on the beach and time with my family making memories. It will be D’s first holiday so I am keen to document it (just like I did with K, but without the blog). Roll on the summer…


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My bedroom lust with discount bedding and more

It’s no secret that I love home décor and anything to do with textiles. I love how you can change up a room by simply adding photos, ornaments, plants or soft furnishings. One particular room I love to change up is my bedroom. A room that is just for me and my husband. A room that I am dying to get into at the end of a busy day, a room that has no toys in and room that has strictly grown up decoration within it. I’m forever seeking out new ways to make my bedroom cosy and lustrous and one way to do that is to have cosy bedding. I love how perfect your bedroom can look and feel with the right bedroom textiles. Given that we have two children and I’m currently on Maternity leave our spare household pennies can sometimes be quite restricted so discount bedding is perfect as I spend less money without compromising on quality. Yorkshire Linen has discount bedding and a lot of great value bedding ranges which can help make your bedroom cosy and lustrous especially with Valentines day just around the corner.  TJ Hughes also offer a wide range of discount bedding which could suit your style. They even provide designer and celebrity ranges. My two must have items to make my bed inviting are cushions – lots of cushions! and a throw. These make a bed look cosy and complete and make you look forward to getting in to bed at night.

My bedroom is very neutral in tones. I like gold, creams and whites to help create a calming atmosphere. These are my favourite bedding products that I lust for in my bedroom

Odette linen quilt set

Odette linen quilt set – Yorkshire Linen

Warwick gold quilt set

Warwick gold quilt set- Yorkshire Linen

Classique cream cushions

Classique cream cushions – Yorkshire Linen

le-sites natural cushion

le-sites natural cushion – Yorkshire Linen

Honeycomb cream and gold quilt set

Honeycomb cream and gold quilt set – Yorkshire Linen

Catherine Lansfield Les Sites De Paris Natural Duvet Set - TJHughes

Catherine Lansfield Les Sites De Paris Natural Duvet Set – TJHughes

Everdean cream duvet set - TJHughes

Everdean cream duvet set – TJHughes


Are you as crazy about soft furnishings as I am? What do you lust for in your bedroom? I’d love to hear from you!


*Collaboration with Yorkshire Linen



Valentines heart cookies – child edition

When it’s a cold, wet day and I have little option than to spend my days indoors with an active toddler, I can sometimes find it difficult to entertain her and stop her from getting bored so usually in an afternoon we do some sort of craft or baking activity. These activities usually only last around 15-20mins before K looses interest so they have to be quick and simple and easy to clean up *ahem*. One baking activity that I love to do with her is the simple cookie recipe. We have made these cookies endless times and they are great for toddlers as it is so simple. Plus you can theme them however you like. Given that valentines day is just around the corner, we decided to make some valentine heart shaped cookies.


Gather all your ingredients up

Gather all your ingredients up

For the cookies –

250g butter (softened)

320g sieved plain flour

125g sieved icing sugar

1 tablespoon of milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

For the toping –

Icing sugar

15ml of warm water

a few drops of red food colouring

hundreds and thousand sprinkles


For the cookies:

Prep| 30 mins                Cook| 12mins

  1. Preheat oven 170 degrees C/ gas mark 3
  2. Mix the butter in a bowl until creamed then add the remaining ingredients and mix until a dough is formed
  3. Knead dough until smooth then place on a surface and roll out to about 6mm thick
  4. Using a cookie cutter, cut out dough pieces and place on a lightly greased baking tray and cook for 12 minutes
  5. One cooked, remove the cookies from the oven and place on a cooling rack until hardened.

Do not try to ice the cookies until they have completely cooled down.

For the icing:

  1. Sift 125g of icing sugar in to a bowl. Gradually add 15mls (1Tbsp) of warm water until the icing becomes thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.
  2. Add a few drops of red food colouring to the icing and stir
  3. Cover the top of the cookies with the icing and add sprinkles as desired.


She loved stirring the ingredients together

She loved stirring the ingredients together




The finished result



It’s safe to say that Daddy was very much over the moon when K presented him with her cookie and told him that he was her valentine!

What do you like to do to entertain your children? I love for you to give me some ideas!!!

Happy Valentines Day!


First days and statement necklaces #littleloves

Fri-yay! It literally feels like two minutes ago since I wrote last fridays #littlelove post

It has been a week of emotional highs for the FLAM household as, after weeks of searching and prepping K for nursery, her first day finally came. She will only be going once a week to start with for 4 hours but I feel it will do us both a world of good. She had such a great time and made plenty of new friends. She was buzzing for the rest of the day when she came home and can’t wait to go again soon.

086 097

Things I am loving this week…


I usually read at night because it’s the only real time I get to sit and concentrate but I’ve been so tired this week due to a sleep-shy baby I haven’t been interested. That said, I have a couple of magazine subscriptions (gurgle and green parent) and one of them came this week so I made time to sit with a brew and read that! I’m hoping to start a new book next week providing I get some much needed sleep!



This week I heard about the sad passing of Sir Terry Wogan. I really liked him as a TV presenter. He used to make me laugh with his quick witted comedy. It is really sad how many people in the public eye have died from cancer this year already. It makes me realise that you shouldn’t take life for granted and to live every day as it comes!


This week I have been catching up on Bodyshockers: Nips, tucks and tattoos with Katie Piper. I have never hid the fact that I like trash/easy viewing TV at night and this is perfect. Especially when I’m busy and I have one eye on the TV and one eye on the computer/phone.  It is a programme that I generally watch on my own though as my husband is very squeamish and will not watch anything involving blood or surgical procedures.


This week we have been doing some seasonal valentines day crafts and baking. (Watch out next week for some posts on that) K and I made these heart shaped cookies for daddy. I won’t go in to too much detail as it will spoil a blog post I have in mind for next week. It was so much fun and K really enjoyed making (and eating) them.



This week I have been loving the blazer and statement necklace look. It’s a look that instantly pulls you together and  makes you feel like you’ve made an effort when you really haven’t. Its easy going and chic. I have been loving these statement necklaces which I picked up in M&S for pennies. I couldn’t believe my luck. I think they are fab! I just need to practice the art of taking selfies!!

           070                   027

And lastly…

It’s definitely a Fri-yay for me this week as I am leaving my babies with their daddy this weekend and I am heading to Liverpool with my girlfriends for the night for a belated birthday celebration. I literally can not wait. I love my babies and my husband but I haven’t been away for the night with my friends since before I got pregnant with K which is over 3 years ago. I will say, it is much overdue. I am looking forward to good food, nice cocktails and great company. Being able to let my hair down and be off mummy duty for the night is just what the doctor ordered!

That’s it from me this week. What have you been up to? I’d love to hear from you.


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Nursery, Michael and Massages #littleloves

Gosh, I can’t believe it’s Friday here already! Although, does anyone else think that January needs to do one now!? Longest. Month. Ever. I get really fed up of miserable, wet weather and dark nights. I really struggle to keep K entertained when the weather is gloomy as it means your stuck in doors a lot more instead of being out at the park. It’s been quite a busy week in the FLAM household this week and most of our evenings have been spent viewing nurseries for K to go to. She is completely ready for nursery now and to branch out on her own a little bit and I feel confident now to let her spread her wings a bit. Had you asked me to send her to nursery 6 months ago, I would have said no, no, no. I couldn’t let go of my baby!! But my baby needs to flourish now and as of next Wednesday she will be attending nursery for 4 hours once a week. I 100% guarantee I will be blubbing in the car once I’ve dropped her off.




Things I am loving this week…


I’ve finally managed to sit and finish “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. It has taken me around 3 months to finish it. Partly because I have been too busy so finding time to just sit and read a book was difficult but partly because I wasn’t a massive fan of it either! I didn’t think the film adaptation of it was great and I found the book to be exactly the same. It just didn’t grab me! I’m sure a lot of you will be shocked by this revelation as I hear nothing but good things about it, but, I don’t know. It just wasn’t for me! I have also been trying to read as many blogs as I possibly can but narrowing those down to my favourites is proving difficult at the minute. There are some amazing blogs out there! Perhaps next week I can individually name my favourites, who knows!?



In terms of hearing this week it has to be (dare I admit it) the new Little Mix album! My daughter loves them despite being a fickle two year old so she wanted to buy their album at Christmas with some money she had been given. This is all I have heard this week as it has been on a few of our car journeys. Next week I will try to be a little bit cooler! *ahem*


I am loving the new Fearne and Gok – off the rails programme. It’s a bit like the UK version of Fashion Police. They critique celebrities outfits and show you what  is hot (or not) in fashion that week. It is right up my street. Combining fashion and light viewing is something I crave when I’m tired at the end of the day.


This week I made – Random meals! Is that cheating?…hmmm I don’t think so. Our freezer in the garage is due to be defrosted so we are trying to eat EVERYTHING in there to make it easier to do. Therefore there has been times this week when my family has had literally the most random things that have been left over in our freezer! Anyone for fish fingers, waffles and Yorkshire puddings!?


I bought a beautiful Michael Kors handbag with some Christmas and Birthday money I received this year and quite frankly, given that I’m on mum duty pretty much all the time, it’s not really had an airing yet. Therefore I made an effort one day this week to take it out with me. It probably wasn’t the most practical idea I’ve ever had given that I ended up looking like a bag lady with 3 bags in tow but it felt nice all the same. I think I will leave Michael for the special outings in future though and just shove my belongings in D’s change bag like I usually do.


And lastly…

I’ve been spending a bit of time these last few weeks working on my 2016 goals and one of those goals was to make a little bit more of “me time”. My lovely husband bought me a voucher for Christmas to have an hour long aromatherapy massage at a local salon so I utilised said voucher and went for the massage this week. It was absolutely heavenly and just what my post-baby, tired mummy body needed.  It is really important to make time for yourself even if it is only an hour, it makes all the difference to your mind, body and soul.


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