Dylan – you are 2 years old (A letter to my son)

My Darling Dylan,

You are now two years old. What a fantastic year it’s been since your last birthday. You’ve taught me so much in the last year. Despite me already having experience as as parent I have had to learn a whole new skill set with you. I have learnt to have more patience, to be more understanding and to learn the art of gentle discipline.

You make me laugh out loud every single day with your crazy personality. You laugh and you play in the most innocent way, you really are the most beautiful little boy.

For the last 6 months we’ve all come to realise that patience isn’t one of your strong points. You lose your temper quite easily and can quickly turn from being a happy, smiley little boy in to a little devil. You have the most almighty tantrums and we joke that we all need to take cover when you’re in the middle of one. We also all know that it’s your age that’s to blame for the outbursts and it will soon pass (Please let it be sooner rather than later!).

Your birthday was on Monday and you received lots and lots of lovely toys. You absolutely love Thomas the tank engine and dinosaurs and most of your new toys followed that theme. You were spoilt by family and friends. We had a little party for you the day before your birthday to celebrate and you enjoyed being the centre of attention.

You still love your food. Your day revolves a lot around food and it’s one of my bargaining tools. I can usually get you to do something by offering food as a result. Everyone around you knows you love your food and it’s something you’re known well for. “Where ever food is, Dylan will be”.

You are really close to your sister still and you love her a lot although I have found you arguing a bit more recently. Usually over a toy. It’s not long before you’re laughing and joking together though.

Your personality couldn’t be more different to Katie’s. She is outgoing, confident and very self assured. You are a lot more reserved. You dislike being in a crowded room and it takes you a short while to come out of your shell. You are also frightened of a lot of things that Katie loves to do such as swimming and soft play.  It’s fine, it’s what makes you unique as a person and we handle you completely different to your sister.

We all love you so much Dylan, you brighten up our lives by being in it. There was a short period in the beginning where we feared you may not be apart of our lives at all and it still fills me with dread just thinking about it but you are a fighter – always have been, probably always will be. That’s what makes you so special.

You have your two year check up with the liver consultant in a couple of weeks time and we are all hoping and praying that you get the all clear and they can finally discharge you from their care. It’s something I look forward to and will finally be able to draw a line under it all once and for all.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 12 months has in store for us, I hope it brings you as much joy as you bring me. My beautiful, blonde haired wild child.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!





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