And just like that, you started School!

As I write this, you have just finished your first week of school. The first week of your new beginning. We’re all a little bit tired and frazzled from the crazy week we’ve just endured but you’ve gone to bed buzzing from your exciting week of making new friends and exploring your classroom.

How did this time come round so fast? The last four years have brought us so many happy memories and milestones but this feels like the biggest milestone of all. You were so ready for it though. As we put you to bed on Monday night with your uniform hung up and your book bag ready to go, you were gleaming. You’ve counted this day down for the last 6 weeks, asking us how many sleeps there were until you started.

I was so happy that you were happy, but I had a lot of anxieties around you starting that I hope didn’t show. Would you be OK? Would you manage the toilet OK? What happens if you are a bit upset? Would someone comfort you? I didn’t need to worry, you were absolutely fine! You skipped out of class every day excited to show me all the things you’d done and all the friends you’ve made. It’s funny, but it’s like you’ve grown up in the last few days.

On your first day Daddy, Dylan and I dropped you off. There was a sea of chaos and chatter sounding the classroom as everyone tried to work out where to go and what to do but you hung your coat up and sat straight down at the colouring table. Both myself and Daddy felt very emotional about leaving you but we held it together and said goodbye. We spent the next couple of hours wondering how you were getting on and wondering what you were up to. We picked you up a couple of hours later and took you out for dinner to celebrate your first day and the fact that you handled it so well. You little superstar!

It feels strange without you here during the day. The house is quieter as it’s just me and Dylan. I know he has missed you this week but he will learn to adapt without you during the day. We both will. We are all learning new routines this week and it’s been hard but worth it.

You make us so proud and we are so lucky to have you as our daughter. I want everyone in your school to see what a lovely little girl you are and what a beautiful soul you have. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter in your life brings us. Your school years have only just started Katie, enjoy every minute of them!

I’ll see you at the school gates sweetheart xx





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