Katie – You are 4 years old (A letter to my Daughter)

My darling Katie,

You are 4 years old. In actual fact, as I write this you are 4 years and 2 months old.

This last year has been amazing and you have gone from your toddler years and grown in to a proper little girl.

We are so proud of you and the little lady you are becoming.

You have just finished your time at Nursery and you are patiently waiting to start school in September. You are so excited for it, and I know you’re ready for it. You made lots of lovely friends at Nursery and were very happy and settled where you were. It’s such a shame that you have now all parted ways and will go to different schools. I know you will make lots of new friends in your new school though as you are a very confident, chatty and outgoing little girl so I don’t ever worry about that.

You were so excited about turning 4. It was a milestone you were desperate to reach. Almost like it confirmed that you were a “big girl”. It will never matter how old you get, you will always be my little girl.

Your party was at a local soft play center and you invited all of your friends. You had so much fun and enjoyed being the center of attention!

You’ve always been so clever, Katie. I’m sure every mum says that about their children, but you really are. You are inspired by life and take in all your surroundings. You are inquisitive and you remember everything that is told to you and everything that happens to you.  You can count to 100 and you are currently learning the alphabet. You practice your writing and letters on a daily basis and feel confident in writing your name and your brothers.

Being 4 is such a bittersweet age for a mum. It’s sad to realise that your baby and toddler years are very far behind you but it’s exciting to know how much of your life you have ahead of you and how many exciting times we have to come.

You are the sweetest, most caring little girl I have ever come across. You take in to consideration everyone’s feelings and are so kind towards people. You really are a beautiful little soul.

We spend most of our days outdoors as this is your favorite place to be. Whether you are running, climbing, jumping, cycling, scooting or playing football you are always on the go. You are very sporty – a trait you DEFINITELY don’t get from me and your current life ambition is to be a gymnast or a footballer (although this changes on a weekly basis).

Daddy bought you a season ticket for Sheffield United this year so you now spend your Saturday’s with him at Bramall Lane and you love it. You love the 1-2-1 time you get as a Daddy/Daughter team and you love to watch the game. Your other hobbies include colouring and crafting.

We couldn’t be prouder of you sweetheart. I look forward to seeing what the next 12 months have in store for us.

We love you so much!

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