Meal ideas for a fussy toddler

Meal times. One of the most stressful times of late in our house. What is it with toddlers and food? They are quite happy to eat a piece of dirt off the floor or a Wotsit that has dropped down the side of the bed but when it comes to wholesome cooked food they take one look at it and throw it on the floor! Sound familiar?

When we first started to wean Katie nearly three years ago she was always such a good little baby, she ate all her mashed up veggies and enjoyed her carefully chosen meats and never made so much as a murmur. Even as she grew bigger we never had any real issues surrounding meal times and now she generally eats what we eat without (much) fuss or bribement.

Dylan on the other hand, lord have mercy! That boy and meal times are unreal! Actually, that’s a bit unfair, it’s not ALL meal times. Breakfast and Lunch he eats wonderfully and without much hesitation. But come teatime (or dinner time if your not from up north like me) it’s a proper battle. He is SO fussy. He takes one look at the food in front of him and decides that he doesn’t like it before it’s even touched his mouth! Then cue 5 minutes of me and hubby gently trying to coax him into eating something before he flings it all on the floor. Leaving me no option but to give him a yogurt for tea (for the 3rd day in a row) and all my handy cookery skills going in the bin!!!

If you read my monthly updates on Dylan (latest one, here) you’ll know the struggles I have.

I’m telling myself it’s a faze and deep down I know it is a faze but it’s still frustrating and most importantly it’s worrying because I don’t want him to have just a yogurt for tea! A yogurt’s nutritional value isn’t really up there with fish and veg is it!? But lately we’ve made a bit of a brake through and I’ve managed to compile a small list of meals which actually goes down well with my fussy little monster and I’m hoping to share them to give you a bit of inspiration if your out there struggling too. This list isn’t anything fancy pants or anything that hasn’t been done before and usually takes me no more than 30 minutes to do (who’s got time to spend hours in the kitchen!? Not me!) No records will be broke for culinary imagination here, but they work for me and hopefully they will work for you too!

Sweet potato cottage pie.

From the Joe Wicks Lean in 15 “shift” recipe book. This seems to be a little gem in our household. Relatively easy to do, the sweet potato makes a nice change and if you follow the recipe from the Joe Wicks book, it’s full of hidden veggies and the kids don’t know about it! Mwahahaha! Plus you can make extra portions and freeze it for another day. Winner!

Toad in the hole.

Sausages seem to be a good choice in my house lately. Teamed with Yorkshire pudding and gravy it’s a northerners dream and fairly simple to do.

Spag Bol

Quick and easy to do. The kids enjoy getting their hands in there and sucking the pasta up. A bit messy but nothing a bath doesn’t fix afterwards plus you could add some hidden veggies in the bolognaise if you really wanted to.

Chicken/Steak pie

Home made or shop bought depending on time restraints or what you prefer with mash potato and peas. A small amount of gravy makes the meat nice and soggy and usually quite tasty for my little ones.

That’s my small list at the moment. I find that my meals are based around what the weather is like so it’s all about the home cooked stodge at the minute for us. Do you have a fussy eater at home? If so, what do you usually cook for them as a go-to meal? I’d love to hear from you for some inspiration!





  1. Samsam 26th January 2017 / 08:30

    need to try some of these with my toddler, thanks for sharing #coolmumclub

    • Collette 30th January 2017 / 19:59

      Your welcome! Thanks so much for reading xx

  2. The Greenwich Mummy 26th January 2017 / 12:06

    Spag bol is one of our staples but I think I’ll give the cottage pie a go. My little boy is so fussy too.. to the point he’ll pick out the meat pieces and veggies he doesn’t like! Well.. I will definitely enjoy these recipes even if he doesn’t lol 🙂 #coolmumclub

    • Collette 30th January 2017 / 19:59

      Haha! The cottage pie is a beaut. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading xx

  3. kerry 26th January 2017 / 14:52

    My little boy (5) is a nightmare!! if its not spaghetti hoops he wont entertain it and we have tried everything!! he doesn’t eat a single vegetable and just banana in the fruit section! it can be so stressful!


    • Collette 30th January 2017 / 20:00

      They are bloody hard work aren’t they!!? We need medals sometimes xx

  4. MMT 26th January 2017 / 20:09

    I did the sausages and yorkshires combo this week too for my incredibly fussy toddler! She won’t eat anything potato based, mince, beans or anything in breadcrumbs. Pasta is always a winner, as is tender chicken in the slow cooker. She’s even gone off spag bol which broke my heart!
    You are so right – getting a fussy eater to eat is undoubtedly been my toughest parenting challenge…good luck my friend and keep any handy recipes coming…
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub x

    • Collette 30th January 2017 / 20:02

      Ahh thanks so much. Chicken in the slow cooker sounds good! Will try that one! I’m starting to feel better that it’s not just me with the fussy toddler! Parenting in numbers is key xx

  5. Pat the Mum 26th January 2017 / 23:55

    I’m amazed by how different our two are. The eldest has never been much of an eater, even though he’s a big kid and always on the move; even now, it’s an effort to get him to eat anything, though he isn’t fussy about the actual food. His baby sister has been on solids a few months and already eats more than her four-year-old big brother, picking the table top of her high chair clean.

    • Collette 30th January 2017 / 19:58

      You never get two the same do you. Fussy eating really is the bain of our lives isn’t it! Thanks for reading xx

  6. Sarah 31st January 2017 / 21:08

    These are great ideas! I too have fussy eaters, including myself! I always try to get some hidden veggies in meals though. I totally do the spag bol trick & cottage pie! I blend A LOT of veggies to hide them in everything! 🙂

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