Siblings (February 2016)

This is my first ever month of the siblings project and I am so excited to get documenting and photographing my babies lives together. Ok, slight disclaimer: I was excited to do it last month…then I forgot. Shameful, I know. As usual life just got in the way! But I decided that life could get in the way for every situation and every memory and before I know it my children will have grown and I will have nothing to look back on. That makes me very sad. So here I am!

It’s February now. I’m not sure how that happened. It feels like yesterday that K was born never mind D, and now she is 2.5yrs old and he is 21 weeks. It really is scary how fast time is going. Our lives are full of things we need to get done and things we need to tick off our list, it will be nice when life slows down a little bit. But when that will happen I’m not sure. One good thing about it being February, is that we are that little bit closer to spring time and the lighter nights. We are definitely in need of them. K is very much an outdoor girl and spends a lot of her time outside burning her energy off but with winter comes cold days and dark early nights so that stops us going out as much. Spring and summer will see us at the parks in the late afternoon rather than on the sofa watching TV. We can’t wait!

My siblings in February


From the minute D was born, K has absolutely adored him. There was an instant bond between them that no one could break. She was so understanding when we had to leave her for a few weeks when D was poorly as a newborn. It was like she knew we had to do whatever it took to get her brother back to her as quickly as possible. For that, I will be forever proud of her for. Although D is still a young baby and can’t do very much the connection they already have is amazing. K is the one person that can make D laugh, she relishes in that fact. His face lights up the minute she walks in to the room or he can hear her voice. He is mesmerised by her. K is so loving of her little brother, always wanting to hold him, kiss him, cuddle him and play him. We just have to be careful as she can be a little bit rough with him without her knowing. But D doesn’t seem to mind one bit. She is fiercely protective of her little brother, especially around strangers but loves to show him off when people stop to look at him. She is quick to remind them that it is HER brother. I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to have my babies so close in age because now they will grow up together and continue to grow that bond. I am excited to see their love and relationship grown over the next few months.



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