Blogging goals for 2017

The 1st week in January I posted about my goals for 2017 (here) and although I touched on blogging, they were more my life goals rather than my blogging goals. So I’ve wrote down my blogging goals for the year with an aim to review it around June/July time to make sure I’m on track and to try and make 2017 the best year yet for my blogging journey!

GOAL 1: Increase readership and followers

This applies to everything, not just specifically to my blog but by the end of 2017 I would like to increase my readership and followers on my blog and social media pages. I currently have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest as my main social media pages. I need to do this by posting regularly on all platforms and making sure my blog posts are promoted regularly as I can lack in this sometimes in fear of spamming people. I also need to make sure I am more engaging with the people on my feeds. Hopefully by doing this it will increase the awareness of my blog.

GOAL 2: Structure/Planning

In order to post regular content I definitely need to plan and structure my blog more. I have bought myself a beautiful little planner which will help me keep track of what I need to do and I need to make sure I set aside an hour each week to make sure I fill this planner in.

GOAL 3: Monetise

The ideal goal by the end of 2017 would be to make a regular income from my blog. I currently work part time and would love to subsidize my income with revenue from my writing. I currently earn nothing from writing this blog so I don’t have a specific monetary goal in mind but however small it would be, it would still be an achievement to me if it’s regular. I aim to do this by writing sponsored posts, advertisement and reviews etc.

GOAL 4: Attend a blogging event

I said last year that I would like to go to a blogging event but chickened out of it at the last minute. This year I’m going to put my brave big girl pants on and attend one. Which one is yet to be decided.

GOAL 5: To win a blogging award

Ok, I’m probably living in cloud cuckoo land here but why not!? I’m going to say it out loud “IN 2017 I AIM TO WIN A BLOG AWARD” There, I said it! She who dares to believe, wins and all that…

That’s about it for my blogging goals for 2017. Here’s to working hard and accomplishing everything that we dream of!

Do you have any specific blogging goals? I’d love to hear from you!



Siblings (January 2017)

There is 2 years and 3 months between my two and for every day that goes by I feel like that age gap is closing in. Dylan is toddling around more and more each day and for longer periods of time. It still amuses Katie when he stands up to walk and although the novelty has worn off for us a little bit, Katie still squeals in delight when he walks,  like it’s the first time he’s done it! She literally is his number one fan! She’s always encouraging him to do more and being really supportive when he does something new. They are able to play together now in a way that they’ve never been able to before. Dylan is no longer the boring baby that can’t do much whom Katie has to be gentle with. We still ask her to be gentle with him…it doesn’t work and Dylan weighs nearly the same as her so he gives as good as he gets now.

Photographing them together this month has been HARD WORK.  Firstly the weather has been either too wet or too cold to spend long periods outside and when I’ve managed to get my camera out in the house Dylan doesn’t sit there long enough for the flash to go off. I’ve deleted umpteen photos on my camera these last few days because they were too blurry from where one of them had moved!

They still absolutely adore one another like they always have. Except now I feel (if possible) that their bond is even closer because Katie has a partner in crime (or someone to blame if it all goes wrong – Dylan did it!) She still plays Mother hen to him and is very cautious of his safety. Always making sure the stair gates are closed and helping him walk when he’s feeling a bit wobbly. She’s so kind and caring when it comes to anything like that. They really are the best of friends. I love my siblings so much and can not wait to see how their relationship grows over the next 12 months.




The Me and Mine Project

Happy New Year!!





2017 is upon us and it feels great doesn’t it!? I love the start of a new year. It’s a chance to have a fresh start, a new beginning and it makes me feel motivated. It’s also super exciting to see what the year ahead brings especially when there are no “big plans” happening. I’ve never been one to make big new years resolutions as you are destined to fail them a month after setting them so I prefer to set goals for the year ahead and look back at the end of that year and see if I achieved them. I wrote a blog post last January (here) about my 2016 goals and for the most part I hit them which I’m pretty pleased with. The only one that requires a bit (a lot) of work on my 2016 goal that I will be following through to 2017 is my blog I started off last year blogging regularly and documenting my life on my little space of this big wide web and everything was hunky dory then towards the back end of the year I got so incredibly busy and everything that I had to take on seemed far more important than sitting down and writing. I even had a few nudges from my husband reminding me that I’d not written in a while and that STILL didn’t make me any more motivated to do it. I am now going to make a goal for myself that I WILL make the time to sit and write, because ultimately I’m writing to remind myself when I’m old and senile what my lovely little life was like and what we did with our beautiful little children. I’ve decided to set a writing schedule where I publish on certain days to see if that helps. I will also start the year filling you all in about the big stuff that happened to us at the back end of the year (New York and turning 30 to mention a couple) so watch out for those.

My other goals for 2017 are:

To continue to capture and improve my photography skills. Something I think I’ll always be working on but it does take a while when you learn as you go like I have and I have noticed a huge difference in my photo quality from January 2016-December 2016. I’ve had some nifty little accessories for my camera for Christmas and my birthday so I’m excited to get using those.

To continue to work out and eat healthy. Self explanatory. I won’t tell you how much cheese/Nutella I’ve eaten this Christmas *ahem*

That’s it this year I think. Small and obtainable just how I like it.

What are your new year goals/resolutions? I’d love to hear from you!