Me and Mine (August 2016)

This months photo isn’t the best. August has been so busy we haven’t had much time to take photos of us all together. We spent the day at White post farm on Bank Holiday Monday so I took along my camera but couldn’t take my tripod so I had to ask a willing stranger to take our photo. This was the end result! Ha! Hopefully we will win more next month!


Mummy is loving



Reading new books

Daddy is loving

The football season restarting


Game of thrones (season 1)

K is loving

Her caterpillar’s/butterfly garden

Days out in the sunshine

Learning to write

D is loving

Waving and clapping

Mobile phones (!)

Dance and wiggle dog

Being on the swings

The Me and Mine Project

Siblings (August 2016)

I am super late with this post. It seems to be the story of my life lately. Last week I wrote about how I’d lost my blogging mojo so I didn’t do the siblings post for July and I was so annoyed with myself!! So, even though this isn’t on time, it’s still here and it’s still in August so it still counts!


Wow! This month we definitely know we have two children! They are thick as thieves. D is obviously leaning to do more so, encouraged by K he is as mischievous as ever so with them both together daily activities such as meal times and bath times become quite a hectic time.  If D isn’t throwing food across the room or on the floor (encouraged by his sister who is laughing and egging him on) it’s the pair of them having a “splash off” in the bath. Their relationship is still so strong and they are very very cute together. K is enjoying the fact that D can participate in more things now he is getting older so feels like she has more of a playmate than a baby brother. We still have to warn her not to be so rough with him though. K has been learning to share a lot more with him this month whether that be sharing her food and drink or sharing her toys. She is great with it though and loves to let her brother have whatever he wants.

The photos of my two have been taken over the last month and have mostly been taken whilst they have been playing together outside. The weather has been so lovely lately that I’ve got some pretty cute pictures of them together.