Our family Christmas 2016

Christmas day feels like a life time ago now that we are in January but I am only just catching up with blog posts since December so better to blog about it late than not at all.

Christmas for us has been at home since K was born. Before we had children James and I used to spend Christmas morning alone together then go to his parents for lunch one year then alternate it the next year to my parents. Since the kiddies came along we now don’t go out at all and since we moved in to a bigger house with more room we now host Christmas day which means both sets of parents and my brother come to us. To say it’s busy is an understatement but it’s so lovely and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Christmas morning started at 7am when the kiddies woke up and we went downstairs to see if “he’d been”. K was super excited as she’s at the age where she’s fallen for the whole Christmas magic so it was wonderful to become wrapped up in her enthusiasm and poor D still didn’t have a clue what was going on!

We spent the next hour opening all the presents that Santa had brought. We were all super spoilt this year, like every year and I couldn’t see our living room floor for toys! I spent the following week buying storage solutions and trying to tidy all the new toys away!

Christmas dinner was lovely (even if I do say so myself) eating food, pulling crackers and telling jokes and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing with games (mainly Twister) and toys. Both K and D relish having parents, grandparents and uncles all under one roof and I’m hoping it’s something that happens year in, year out so they have the greatest memories of us all together.

I did a small buffet in the evening for anyone who was hungry and we spent the evening relaxing and drinking lots of alcohol. K went to bed at around 9:30pm but D couldn’t stay up past 8pm bless him! Everyone stayed over at our house so they didn’t have to worry about getting home. It meant that we all woke up together on boxing day morning which again, was really lovely.

I didn’t take that many photos of Christmas day as I was too wrapped up in the moment, which is never a bad thing, but before the kiddies went to bed I did manage to quickly whip the tripod out to take a photo of us all together. It truly was a lovely day filled with fun, laughter, family and memories which is exactly what Christmas day should be.

I can’t believe we are in 2017 now! I have so many hopes for this year and hope it will be really special. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas like I did and I hope 2017 brings you health and happiness!