The importance of baby wearing


Over the last few years carrying your baby in a sling, or “baby wearing” as it’s called, has become more and more popular and is almost deemed fashionable in the parenting world. Although it appears that it is a modern idea, it is a practice that is as old as time! There has been a surge of beautifully coloured slings and wraps made available for every carrying situation and there is now more and more sling libraries and baby wearing support groups around to help you with your sling needs.

I never carried K in a sling when she was a baby and it is something I now genuinely regret. I made the decision to “baby wear” with D before he was even born as I felt it would be more practical whilst out and about with K as it gave me both hands free. Never in a million years did I expect to love it as much as I do and I really couldn’t recommend it enough. D is such a cuddly baby so really enjoys being snuggled up close. I found having him a sling really helped us both when he was discharged from hospital as a newborn when he was really ill as it gave us both comfort and we made up for lost bonding time. I really am a firm believer of “kangaroo care” and I do honestly believe that it helped D overcome his bad start. It’s also really lovely when your out and about to have your child in close contact where you can kiss and cuddle them freely. The sling is the only place now where D will fall asleep whilst out, so it’s proof that he feels comfy and secure.


If your still trying to make your mind up about wanting to baby wear then take a look at the benefits below on what baby wearing can do.

  • Helps you to bond and connect with your baby
  • Enables them to feel close to you, loved and secure especially in the early months when babies are vunerable
  • It’s convenient – It’s hands free and there’s no luging bulky pushchairs around
  • You can get some really pretty slings and wraps. Perfect for every style conscious mama
  • Helps control crying – babies who are carried tend to cry less. Gentle motion is calming for a baby that may be upset

When D was a newborn I opted for a Hana stretchy wrap as I felt they were really cozy for a newborn to snuggle in to. Now D is older we have the Connecta sling and I absolutely love it. It’s easy to put on, it’s really comfy for both me and D and it has a fab print on it.

If your unsure of what sling is right for you then you can source out your nearest sling library and ask them for advice. Most libraries let you rent the slings before you purchase them to ensure you are choosing the right one for you.


Are you a baby wearer or do you prefer a pram?

If you are a baby wearer, what is your favourite sling? I’d love to hear from you!


*Disclaimer – I am not in partnership with the Hana or Connecta brand.