Routines, Sound of music and lean in 15 #littleloves

Goodness me it’s Friday again!! How did that happen? I fear that 2017 is going to whizz by as fast as 2016 did! We are definitely back in to the routine and swing of things here. Katie started back at pre-school this week and I was glad for the return to normality if I’m honest. I’ve spent too many days post Christmas wondering what day we were on and what date it was! It was sad to not have her around in the mornings but she was glad to be back in to a routine too and back with all her little chums so it works out really well. I wonder how long it lasts before I’m ready for half term again!?

This week I have…


Blog posts. I have been reading lots of posts from linky’s that I have found of late and they have all been so good. There’s too many that I’ve read to post my favourite one on here but it’s so nice to read other bloggers work.
I have also started reading Caroline Flacks autobiography “Storm in a C cup”…Don’t ask me why! It caught my eye in the library the other day and I thought it would be interesting to read. I love a bit of scandalous gossip.


Apart from Sherlock again (I love it) I’ve been watching Joe Wicks, the Lean in 15 man do his exercises in his new DVD. I’ve half heartedly been trying to copy him too. It’s a work in progress!


“The Sound of music” soundtrack. It brought back so many great memories. One of my favourite films ever is The sound of music and I have the soundtrack on CD. I’m always singing songs to Katie from the film and naturally she has no idea what I’m going on about so I decided to play her the CD…She didn’t show my level of enthusiasm for it but there’s time yet!


Not a lot this week I’m afraid. I’ve been meaning to do some baking with Katie but given that it was the first week back in our routine I’ll go easy on myself! I’m hoping to do some craft projects with her next week so I’ll let you know.


I have wore my gym kit/sports wear a lot this week. I go to the gym twice a week usually before work so I started back there this week plus as mentioned I’ve been doing the lean in 15 DVD so sports wear has been vital this week.


I’m at a spa party on Saturday night which I can not wait for. Starting the new year with my friends, a couple of drinks and a little bit of pampering! What more could I ask for!?

That was me for this week! I’d love to hear what your little loves have been for the week!


Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Pinch, Punch it’s the 1st Friday of the month!

Woohoo it’s the 1st Friday of 2017 and what better way to celebrate it than to kick off with a #Littleloves post.

It’s been a fairly quiet week after the busy hustle and bustle of Christmas and new year but it’s given us a chance to chill and recharge our batteries a bit. K doesn’t start back at nursery until next week so there has been no rushing about in the mornings or time keeping to be had.

This week I have


Marie Kondo “The life changing magic of tidying”

I bought this book a couple of months ago as I’d heard it was so good but I’d put it to one side and marked it on my “to read” list. Well this week I’ve started reading¬†it in a hope that it will motivate and inspire me to become more organised and tidy in my home. In fairness, I’m not that far into it to judge whether it will work or not ūüėČ so I’ll let this be a “to be continued”…


This week I have watched the 1st in the new series of Sherlock and I loved it! I won’t give the spoilers away if you’ve not got round to watching it yet but it’s definitely a must see in my opinion! I loved the last series and think Benedict Cumberbatch is a fantastic actor. He plays the modern day Sherlock so well.


“Rudolph the red nosed reindeer”. Seriously. K has decided that after spending the run up to Christmas learning it that she’s not quite finished with singing it yet. I’ve tried to tell her that we are in January now and she’s not officially allowed to sing it again until next Christmas but like all stubborn 3 year olds, it fell on deaths ear.


This week I made a vow to eat more healthy and exercise more…I’ll keep you updated with that! (I’m sat with a tub of Nutella as I write this *ahem*)


Gucci “Premiere” perfume. My friend bought it me for my 30th birthday at the end of December and I love it. I can’t work out whether I prefer it as my day time perfume or my “going out” perfume so until I make my mind up I’ll wear it for everything! Does anyone else have a separate perfume for daytime/night time?


We took K to the pantomime last night in Sheffield to see Snow White and the Seven dwarfs, we all absolutely loved it. It was K’s first pantomime experience so it was particularly special. All the cast were great and the actual production was so well put together that we are already planning next years visit. I’m hoping it might catch on and be one of our Christmas traditions, especially when D becomes old enough to come along too!

That was it for me this week! What have been your little loves of the new year!?




Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Yes mum cards, Game of Thrones and Weddings


How is it Friday again already!? This week has gone ridiculously fast! Lots of soft play centres for me this week to try and keep K entertained as the weather has been awful. Someone needs to have a word with mother nature and remind her that it’s nearly May not December! Anyway, I digress. Here are my little loves of this week:


I’ve been making an effort to read my Yes mum cards this week. I try to read one every morning and apply the affirmation to the rest of the day.

It really helps me stay focused. I really do love these yes mum cards, there’s something about them that really helps me. When D was poorly in hospital as a newborn I found comfort in them and they kept me in perspective. Pretty big order for a card so small. I can’t recommend them enough.


Game of Thrones is back people!!! I repeat, Game of Thrones is BACK. Such a great episode that certainly disappoint.

Game of thrones

You can find it on catch up if you missed it so I won’t disclose anything. I also finished the last in the series of Line of Duty last night too. Wow! That was bloody brilliant! Such good drama! Me and the hubby were literally on the edges of our seats! Thankfully it is coming back for a new series but I’m not sure how long we will have to wait for it.


This week I am making my home more organised and catching up with household chores that have been building up for weeks. Yes, I am the one with the ironing pile up to the ceiling! Not for much longer though.



I have been living in my “Mother” t-shirts from Selfish mother. I am obsessed with them. I have 3 at the minute and I am hoping to buy a jumper in the next few days, I’m just deciding which one I want! I love them because they are cool, casual and dead comfy when your just being mummy plus the profits go to a¬†good cause! What can be better than that!?


This week I have been listening to toddler nursery rhymes! K has had quite a few CDs bought for her over the last 2 years with nursery rhymes and actions songs on them but we’ve never really listened to them because we didn’t have a CD player. I bought one the other day specifically so we can listen and sing along to the music. It gets annoying after you’ve heard humpty dumpty 5+ times but she loves it.

And Lastly

It’s one of my best friends weddings this Sunday and I am one of her bridesmaids so this week has been particularly busy making sure that all our dresses and clothes are ready for the big day plus any grooming that needs to be done ūüėČ I am really looking forward to it, it should be such a lovely day. I’m just hoping the weather stays dry for the occasion!

That’s it from me this week. Don’t forget to follow me over on Instagram if you want to see more of what I’m up to and loving during the week!


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Wildlife Parks, mediocre books and great dramas #littleloves

I haven’t done a #littleloves post for such a long time because I found myself too busy and although this week is no different in terms of busy-ness I decided that I needed to take some time out to write a blog post. Being the procrastinator that I am, I will ALWAYS find something else to do!

So I’m just going to jump right in and start…


If you’ve seen my Instagram lately you will know that I have been trying to read Sophie Kinsella’s latest book in the Shopaholic series – Shopaholic to the rescue. I love love love the shopaholic series especially the 1st ever book as I could really relate to her but this book hasn’t really captured me at all. I feel like it has lost its reasoning and I do believe Sophie Kinsella should have quit whist she was ahead and stopped writing after the 3rd book. It’s such a shame. Having spoke to a few people on social media it appears that I’m not the only one who thinks this. I will continue to read it until it’s finished as I never leave a book unfinished but it’s not been my favourite read.



Anyone watching Marcella??? OMG, if your not, you need to be. I feel like our TV has brought us so many great British dramas over the last few months and Marcella is one of them. Anna Friel is fantastic as the lead actress.¬†I won’t spoil it by telling you what it’s about but it is so gripping. It’s still on catch up so go ahead and watch it. I do believe you won’t regret it!


This week I’ve heard about the sad passings of Victoria Wood and Prince. Both icons in their own genres. 2016 has seen so many people in the public eye pass away it’s really really sad especially as most of them are due to the big C. I just pray that there is no more. Surely that’s enough for one year!


I haven’t made anything this week. Except, maybe a sausage casserole for tea last night. Does that count? ha- it does now.


I recently purchased a teething necklace for D which I wear round my neck so when I’m holing him (which¬†is 90% of the time) or he’s in the sling¬†he can have a little chew. It’s so good. It cost¬†¬£10 which I was well impressed with and it’s really colourful so looks great. It’s 100% safe so a winner all round really. I would really recommend buying one if you have a teething baby or they make really good gifts for baby showers/new mums etc.

Teething necklace

And lastly…

The hubby took¬†annual leave from work¬†yesterday and if you know me at all you will know that I LOVE IT when we get to have a day in the week together just the four of us. I literally clear my schedule regardless of what’s on it if I know there’s a chance we can spend some time¬†as a family¬†(cheesy or what!?). We decided to take advantage of the sunny weather and head to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It’s only 35 minutes away from us and it’s such a great place filled with loads of animals. They have recently built a reserve for polar bears and it’s the only polar bear reserve in the UK so that’s pretty special. K loved seeing all the animals and loved being outdoors so she was in her element. It was such a great day but a long one. We had two overtired little ones by the time we got home. It was so worth it though. I wanted to post the pictures that I took yesterday but for some reason they wont load up. I will leave it for another post real soon!


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Unmumsy mum, laughing and summer holidays #Littleloves

Hurrah! It’s Friday!¬†I’m usually gutted when Friday comes around as it means the end of another fast week but our house has been plagued with illness this week with K having slapped cheek and D teething. Plus, I’ve been feeling pretty run down and generally fed up too (must be the weather) so I am looking forward to the weekend and some much needed family time/RnR.

We have a nice family weekend planned this week and Mothers day comes early for me this year as I am away for a hen du next week – A really sad time for me as it’s my 1st Mothers day with D, but we were unaware that it was Mothers day when we booked the trip to Centre Parcs mid last year. So now my family are spoiling me a week early and we are doing our Mothers day this Sunday instead. That said, I will be spending the 6th March on a spa day so it’s not all bad ha!

Things I am loving this week…



I’ve just started reading the Unmumsy mum book. I’ve followed her blog for a while and was really excited when I heard she was writing a book. I love it, it is hilarious and so true to life. I feel like everyone can relate to her no matter how much of a perfect parent you think you are. She keeps it real. The book keeps me sane and makes me realise in times of doubt, that actually we are all doing a great job at parenting no matter who you are.


This week I have been hearing my son laugh more and more. It is absolutely blissful. The one thing in life that truly makes me happy is the sound of my children laughing! D is getting to that stage now where he really giggles at any little thing and it’s so lovely. I aim to hear more of it in the coming weeks.

Such a giggly little man

Such a giggly little man


I’ve been watching the new episodes of the X Files. I used to love that programme when I was younger and now Mulder and Scully are back again in a new series. I’ll be honest, some of it confused me slightly (I’m obviously tired ha!) but I’m sticking with it for now. The hubby wasn’t keen at all despite him enjoying it when he was younger so he’s leaving it for me to watch on my own. I’ll let you know how I get on.


It’s been a week of comfy casuals for me this week and outfits that I daren’t¬†photograph due to the sheer scruffiness of them. Am I the only one who refuses to wear their “nice gear” whilst just chilling out at home? I hate it. I’d much rather wear my nice clothes when I’m out and about and people can actually see them haha. I’m a bit strange like that. So leggings and t- shirts have been my thing this week.


I have been cooking some comforting stodge in the shape of spaghetti bolognaise and chilli this week. I love using my slow cooker or my crock pot as I find it easy and I can just put it on in the morning and leave it cooking. Very little effort needed on my part and I know my family are getting a good meal at the end of the day. Every one wins!




And lastly

We booked our summer holiday this week for the start of June. I am so excited and cannot wait for a full week of sunshine (hopefully) fun on the beach¬†and time with my family making memories. It will be D’s first holiday so I am keen to document it (just like I did with K, but without the blog). Roll on the summer…


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