Bookblock Notepad up for review

BookBlock Original10

If there’s one thing in the world that I love, it’s stationary. Seriously. It’s the one small thing in life that I get really excited about. At school I was always the one with the new pencil case and the highlighters, pens, sticky notes etc and as I’ve got older that love has never altered. Having a busy life and working on my blog means that I’m forever making to do lists and scribbles in order to keep my life as organised as possible so having a nice notepad (and I have a few, let me tell you!) is my perfect go to accessory. So when the lovely people at BookBlock got in touch asking if I wanted to review one of their notebooks that I would be able to personalise I absolutely jumped at it!

BookBlock Original11

BookBlock original offers the opportunity for designers, photographers or anyone who is creative and likes to make their mark design their own unique notebook so they can keep all their scribbles, to-do lists and ideas all in one place in a beautifully backed book.  Crafted in partnership with one of the UK’s oldest bookbinders, each notebook is created using traditional bookbinding and printing techniques. They even give you the opportunity to customise what paper, elastics and ribbon you have within your notebook so it’s all completely your work.

I downloaded a picture of my children and asked them to put it on the front of my notebook along with my blog domain “Family life and me” as I would use this notebook for my blog work. When I received my book I was absolutely thrilled to bits with it. The quality of the print was brilliant compared to some other personalised notebooks I’ve had in the past and it was a hard back so felt really sturdy. They are perfect for list writers like me and also make fantastic gifts! With Fathers day just around the corner this would make an amazing present!


The paper inside the notebook

The paper inside the notebook


You can find the whole range of Bookblock Original items HERE- BLOCKBOOK ORIGINAL and with prices starting from as little as £12 (plus p&p) you would be foolish not to order yours!

I can now get back to writing my to-do lists in a notebook that no one else has!