My bedroom lust with discount bedding and more

It’s no secret that I love home décor and anything to do with textiles. I love how you can change up a room by simply adding photos, ornaments, plants or soft furnishings. One particular room I love to change up is my bedroom. A room that is just for me and my husband. A room that I am dying to get into at the end of a busy day, a room that has no toys in and room that has strictly grown up decoration within it. I’m forever seeking out new ways to make my bedroom cosy and lustrous and one way to do that is to have cosy bedding. I love how perfect your bedroom can look and feel with the right bedroom textiles. Given that we have two children and I’m currently on Maternity leave our spare household pennies can sometimes be quite restricted so discount bedding is perfect as I spend less money without compromising on quality. Yorkshire Linen has discount bedding and a lot of great value bedding ranges which can help make your bedroom cosy and lustrous especially with Valentines day just around the corner.  TJ Hughes also offer a wide range of discount bedding which could suit your style. They even provide designer and celebrity ranges. My two must have items to make my bed inviting are cushions – lots of cushions! and a throw. These make a bed look cosy and complete and make you look forward to getting in to bed at night.

My bedroom is very neutral in tones. I like gold, creams and whites to help create a calming atmosphere. These are my favourite bedding products that I lust for in my bedroom

Odette linen quilt set

Odette linen quilt set – Yorkshire Linen

Warwick gold quilt set

Warwick gold quilt set- Yorkshire Linen

Classique cream cushions

Classique cream cushions – Yorkshire Linen

le-sites natural cushion

le-sites natural cushion – Yorkshire Linen

Honeycomb cream and gold quilt set

Honeycomb cream and gold quilt set – Yorkshire Linen

Catherine Lansfield Les Sites De Paris Natural Duvet Set - TJHughes

Catherine Lansfield Les Sites De Paris Natural Duvet Set – TJHughes

Everdean cream duvet set - TJHughes

Everdean cream duvet set – TJHughes


Are you as crazy about soft furnishings as I am? What do you lust for in your bedroom? I’d love to hear from you!


*Collaboration with Yorkshire Linen