Siblings (September 2016)


September. A month of back to school and new beginnings. A month of new chapters and even crazier schedules. September is the parenting equivalent of January 1st!

My little ones seem to have grown up this last month. K has now started pre-school and attends there Mon-Fri 9-12pm and D is just growing at a rapid rate and is learning new skills every day. I imagined September was going to be the start of a slower pace in life for our household especially since I didn’t need to entertain K for as long during the day but actually, with the nursery drop off/pick up, preparing for my return to work following mat-leave (more on that to follow) and D learning to crawl and having to be next to him constantly I appear to have less time than before. No, I don’t get it either! Parenting is such a hard and demanding job which is exhausting and stressful but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Now that D has learnt to crawl, the dynamic of his and K’s relationship has changed dramatically. D is no longer the baby to kiss and cuddle and to protect but an actual interactive playmate and K is absolutely loving it! There’s nothing finer as a parent than to watch your children play and giggle together. Although I am coming to realise that it’s not all sweetness and light – there have been a few hairy moments over the last week or so where boundaries have been pushed between them and they’ve ended up scraping and falling out a bit but they are quick to make up. I think with K it’s learning that fine line between her having to still be gentle and remind her that he’s still a baby but also encouraging her to play with him and explaining to her that D’s actions (however “mean” they may feel to her) don’t mean much to him at the minute (and not to take the hair pulling personally!). It won’t be long before D starts to walk and the dynamic of their relationship will change yet again. Having a 3 year old and a 1 year old is a blessing but it sure isn’t easy!




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