Siblings (April 2016)

April is here, spring has sprung and the weather is getting warmer (just). So we have been able to spend more time outdoors and in parks. Don’t get me wrong K loves a good soft play centre when the weather is gloomy but her true love is being outdoors where she can run wild and practice her new hobby of digging for worms. Lovely. She is also loving being able to take her “outdoor” toys with us when we go out too such as her scooter, scuttle bug and her football. I always find that nice weather brings our family together. It’s a time where we can take picnics and sit in the sun it also makes us more inclined to actually do something with our day and make the most of the sunshine (because lets face it, we live in England and warm weather comes few and far between where we live).

My siblings in April


D is getting that little bit bigger now and becoming more interested in things so K feels like she can play with him a little bit more. To her, he’s not that small precious new born anymore where she has to be really careful and quiet around him (ha!, as if she ever was!) He’s sitting up more now so she shares her toys with him and they “play” really nicely. They are still absolutely infactuated with one another. I genuinely think that’s something that will never go away, or at least I hope it never will. K is such an amazing big sister. She is so supportive and tries to teach D new things every day. She loves to give D praise when he does something new or funny, it’s really sweet to watch.


One thing they are enjoying together this month is reading at bedtime. We read D a story before bed at night as part of his routine and K loves to sit on our knee as well and listen too. It’s so lovely as they giggle and glance at one another whilst we are reading it. I love their fierce sibling bond!  I feel like April has been a really great month to take photos of them both together and I can’t wait to continue it next month!



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