Is it acceptable for parents to kiss their children on the lips?

A few weeks ago Victoria Beckham came under fire when she posted a seemingly innocent birthday photo of herself and her 5 year old daughter kissing on the lips. I personally thought the photo was lovely and endearing and I was absolutely horrified to read that there was so much criticism for it! I read comments that under no circumstances should you kiss your children on the lips as it isn’t appropriate and there were some utter bell ends that went as far as to say it was perverted and too sexual!? Seriously, what the hell!? I bring this story up because even though it was nearly 3 weeks ago I am still reading comments across the internet about it today! I can’t believe an innocent picture has caused so much controversy!

What was it that caused the world to go in to melt down? It was a kiss. On a child’s lips!! Not just any child – her own child. That she carried inside her for 9 months. I find it very strange that people felt the need to comment so negatively! A simple kiss on the lips shows love and affection and shows the child that they are cared for. In my family we kiss on the lips all the time. It’s common practice where I am from and completely normal.

Children need to be cherished and loved. They grow up so fast and one day they won’t want to be kissed so you need to get them in whilst you can before you become the embarrassing parent! I have no qualms in telling the world that I kiss my children on the lips daily. Heck, I kiss them on their lips, their nose, their arms, their legs and even their bum! I kiss them wherever I can and whenever I can. Does this make me strange and perverted? I think not.

To the kiss haters of the world, try turning your hate energy in to something more productive.