D – You are 6 months old (A letter to my son)


My beautiful boy. Yet another month has passed by in the blink of an eye. You are 6 months old. What a milestone! It is so weird that the last 6 months have flown by yet it feels like you have always been apart of our lives. It’s this month that I feel your personality is REALLY shining through. You are such a laid back baby, nothing seems to faze you. This last week in particular you have started to progess a little more and are now reaching out for objects confidently and turning your body more. You’ve not quite mastered the art of sitting up yet but you are trying so I do feel like your not far off from that. You are continuing to practice your vocals and particularly like shouting and screeching at 5am every morning. It doesn’t matter what time it is though you still have a smile for us when we greet you.

You’ve had a few “firsts” this last month. It was your first time sitting in a highchair. Watching you view the world in a completely different way was so special. You are mesmerised by your surroundings. This last week I have started to give you your first ever tastes of food. Both pureed and finger foods. I remember so vividly weaning your sister and how well she took to food and weaning but you my darling boy are proving to be a slight challenge. I can’t get you to open your mouth for the food to go in! You are quite happy with your milk so for now I won’t push it too much but will continue to offer you food slowly. We shall see where that road takes us. I got you weighed today, you are 17lb 71/2oz (the half an ounce counts). I love to see your weight soar, you were so poorly as a newborn and weighed less at 6 weeks old than you did when you were born so the fact that you are now thriving and a chunky monkey makes us all so happy. We all love you so much, our special little hero.



Your bond with your sister continues to grow and the love she has for you is so fierce. You are the first thing on her mind when she wakes up in a morning. She loves to kiss and cuddle you. She is so full on with you sometimes and myself and Daddy remind her to be gentle with you but you don’t seem to mind one bit. You love the attention from her and you gaze at her with such love it makes my heart melt. The way you two giggle together is so lovely I can’t wait for you to get older so you can play together. I hope you are both so close. You have been teething for the last few months really but this month seems to be the worst so far. You dribble ever such a lot and everything you touch goes in to your mouth. You are still loving your Sophie la giraffe teether and you enjoy chewing on a toothbrush now. I think you like the feel of it on your gums. Your sleeping routine is pretty much the same as the last few months. You usually have a 30 minute nap at around 10am, then a longer 2-3hr nap at around 1pm then an evening nap of 30 minutes at around 5.30pm. You go to bed after your bath and feed at around 7:30pm and wake once for a feed during the night. You can wake anytime between midnight and 3am for your feed then you are usually up for the morning anytime from 5am -7am. Mummy isn’t very fond of the early starts especially if the night feed was a couple of hours previous but for you my gorgeous boy I will happily get up. I am half way through my maternity leave with you. I feel so blessed that I am able to take a year off with you just like I did with your sister. I am so happy that I get to be with you when you accomplish your milestones and your “firsts”.  It’s also really lovely that not only do I get the time with you but I get the time with your sister as well and the both of you together. When Daddy is home from work and at the weekends I feel like we are a team. Like it’s us against the world. I love that we get to make our memories all together. As a family. We love you our precious boy. Here’s to another great month!





D – You are five months old (A letter to my son)


My beautiful boy. Where have the last 5 months gone? It’s a question I’ll probably ask each and every month as time with you and your sister goes so fast. I love being a mummy to you both but I think being a mummy to you has taught me more about myself than what it did with your sister. I was a sea of unsurety with K but I am stronger, smarter and more confident this time round and I think it has rubbed off on you. You are such an easy going baby. We got off to a bumpy start when you were born and our idea of a happy family of 4 didn’t quite get going straight away, but you are strong, you are a fighter and you were determined you were to become a part of our family and I’m so blessed that it turned out that way. You are my hero and my survivor. We will always have a special bond because of that. Your such a happy little baby D, forever smiling and giggling. Your sister can make you smile and giggle the best. Your bond is so strong and I know you will grow up to be really close. She loves you so much, as we all do. K spends time with your grandparents on Mondays and Fridays, this has been her routine since I went back to work when she was 1 years old so Mondays and Fridays are “our time”. Just you and me. Together. I love this time. It’s my time to shower you with attention and do things just for Mummy and son. But don’t worry, you will get your grandparent time too. Just when you’re a bit older and Mummy goes back to work. But for now, I will cherish you. You moved in to your own bedroom around 2 weeks ago. We wanted to keep you in our bedroom by our side for as long as possible but my darling boy, you’ve found your voice and you aren’t afraid to use it…even if it is 3am! For that son, it was time for you to move as Mummy and Daddy needed to sleep. I felt sad by this, but excited that we are moving on to a new chapter.  You’re starting to wriggle a lot more now D. Before, when you were a tiny baby, I would lay you down and you would still be in the same spot as I left you but now you are twisting and turning and stretching over on to your right side. It wont be long before you can roll on to your tummy!


Your teeth having been causing you some pain for the last few weeks. You’ve been dribbling a lot and you love to chew on your fist. You are not a massive fan of Calpol and refuse to open your mouth when Mummy or Daddy give it you. So for now, we have to use only teething gel. I’m pretty sure I felt one of your top side teeth cutting through the other day. We bought you Sophie La Giraffe as a Christmas present and you are currently learning to grasp and chew that. It’s really funny because K has a Sophie from when she was a baby too and now she carries hers around everywhere just so she can be like her baby brother! You sleep reasonably well for a 5 month old. We can’t really complain. You usually have a feed around midnight then again at around 4-5am. It’s a bit hit and miss at the minute whether you go back to sleep after that last bottle or whether you just shout and babble until me or daddy take you downstairs. We can’t be cross with you when we are up watching TV at 5am as you just smile away. You are so content. Weekend is our family time and we look forward to that as Daddy works all week. We try to do as many activities with you and your sister as possible. Swimming is a keen favourite of K’s and we’ve took you swimming 3 times so far. Honestly, it’s probably not your favourite past time at the minute as you find it cold and noisy but we are hoping you will soon change your mind and become a water baby just like your sister. The last 5 months have been amazing D, you’ve slotted in to our family. It’s like you’ve always been here. We are so blessed to have you. Here’s to another great month ahead!