The first post – the new beginning

So, this is my first blog post. Eeeek.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting  a blog for a while now, so long in fact that the first time I wanted to do it my daughter was 6mths old (she’s two and a half now).  It seemed that every time I found an opportunity to sit down and set it up, some thing else  (usually just life) would spring up in its place and take over that allotted time.  I was also afraid. Afraid that I didn’t understand the blogging community, afraid that I wouldn’t have anything decent to write and more importantly that my writing skills would come under scrutiny. But I’ve decided to blow caution to the wind and finally set one up. I’ve read parent and lifestyle blogs ever since I became a parent, its a subject that I know and (hopefully) a subject I am good at. I also find blogging a lovely way to record your memories.  Especially with your children. As I for one, am very aware that the baby/toddler/child stage flies past you in a blink of an eye! Hopefully I will have something to keep and look back on in years to come.

For now, I hope you enjoy reading about my family and my life. I will be playing about with the look of my blog over the next few weeks whilst I learn all this new technology, I am also on Instagram (username: collettestate) come follow me on there and see what I get up to on a daily basis plus I’ve just set up a new twitter account especially for this blog (I’m currently keeping my personal and blog twitter account separate until I become more confident at blogging – don’t confuse me too soon!) so come and say hello on that too! (username: famlifeandme)




  1. Alex Gladwin 12th January 2016 / 20:25

    Ah welcome to the world of blogging! I’ll make sure that I’m following you. Are you on Bloglovin’ yet? I can’t find a button to follow you on there? xx

    • familylifeandme1 12th January 2016 / 20:27

      Thanks lovely. I’m not on blogloving just yet, its on my to do list tomorrow. I’ll give you a nudge when its done 🙂 xxxx

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